How To Attract More Buyers … With Great Content

How to Attract More Buyers … With Great Content

The rules have changed and for YOU to stand out from the crowd you need to change the way you market to your consumers and prospective buyers.

Here are our top tips to write content for your buyers:

Create Content Your Consumers Want

Do not write about your products and/or company – instead write content that is designed to solve your buyer’s problems or answer their questions. Show that you and/or your company are worth doing business with. This means NO sales pitch. This new type of marketing and PR technique is about providing a form of “leadership” and is not about advertising.

Define Your Goals

This means that for you and/or your company you need to know your revenue goals so that you can design your marketing to drive that goal. Think about what content you can provide for free without any registration (you won’t of course get to know who is looking at your content but more people will be using it) Think about what content you can provide of a higher value to your consumers which will require a ‘registration process’ (a lower response rate but you will be building a contact list)

Think Like a Publisher

Make sure that you understand your audience. Think about what problems your ideal buyer or buyers are faced with and write and publish topics that appeal to them. Use stories and make sure your content is interesting – become a ‘journalist’.

Write for Your Audience

Choose a title that grabs their attention and use sub-titles that describe what the content will deliver. Then deliver it!

Promote the Content

If you don’t talk about it your buyers and consumers won’t know it is there. Offer the content in different forms, on your website, your blog, social media and even with partners in the same niche who will promote on your behalf as an affiliate for example. Make sure your published links all work and go back to the core content and a call to action.

Make your Website Buzz

Publish your content and write for your visitors so they enjoy coming back to you again and again for the content you deliver. Include images, video, links to further information. All of this will over time make you stand out from the crowd.

Write What You Know

Don’t be a ‘pretender‘ Make sure you thoroughly research your topic and write about what you know. This is how, over time, you will become the person of authority in your niche/your businesses sector. A key person of influence.

Do Your Research

Use the Internet – in an information age where there is content on everything, you want to become the person to go to for that information. Use the resources available to you such as Google Keywords to ensure your audience are looking for your content. Get as much information as you can find that will interest your audience and that is relevant and then deliver it using all the media available to you – articles, blogs, podcasts, video etc – your consumers absorb information in different ways and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to make your content available to them.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are in a traditional business or profession such as a doctor, accountant, physiotherapist, dentist or veterinary surgeon etc or you have a specialist online business. Your consumers want to know ‘how to‘ content That is ‘how to solve their problems’. It is your job as a publisher to provide a taster of that information to peak their interest through stories, real life examples etc – things that you have happen in your business day to day that you solve. There is always a next step and you are the person or company to take them there. This is when they turn from being prospects to buyers.

So start thinking differently and you will find that the results you start getting will attract more prospects and buyers who want what it is YOU have to offer them.

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