How To Find The Perfect Customer

How To Find The Perfect Customer

How to Find the Perfect CustomerWe compiled this article from some of our favourite articles we have read on the subject of defining or finding your perfect customer.  Without doing this then you are wasting so much of your valuable time talking to the wrong people and you will never sell them anything!


The first thing you need to do are ask some key questions in order to find the perfect customer for your business …..

How To Find the Perfect Customer – Top Questions

#One  Who do you want to reach?

The first thing on your list has to be a picture of a person. An avatar of the ideal customer for your offer.  This is a visual exercise and you need to see them in your minds eye.

For example is your perfect customer

  • A man or woman, or does it matter?
  • In a certain age group?
  • Retired or still working at a job?
  • Do they have a specific income level?
  • A college student?
  • Living in a specific country or state?

The more you can know about who you perfect customer is, what they looks like, think like and what pains and problems they have, the faster you can find them.

The quicker you get to this the quicker you can start to serve your perfect customer by speaking their language and communicating with them the right way!

# Two What are their problems?

You cannot serve everyone. You will go broke trying to be everything to everyone.  It’s just not possible.  Unfortunately this is the very one thing new entrepreneurs get wrong (we did so we totally understand it and can hopefully help you not fall into that trap)

Let’s look at an online or home business as an example since it is our niche and one we can describe well.

Here are some common questions asked by people interested in starting an online business

  • I want to make money but don’t know how.
  • I have bought products that don’t work for me and am discouraged.
  • I earned a few commissions but can’t repeat my successes.
  • I’ve made some money and now want to create my own product.
  • I’m ready to reach new audiences with a podcast /hangout / video web show
  • I know video is important but don’t know how to do it.
  • I’ve never done anything on the internet before
  • I’m not good with technology

The point is that there are huge numbers of people who are asking these questions right now. If you can reach them, and offer them a viable solution to their specific problem then the chances are they will become your customers at some point either immediately or in the future

It’s important to think about where your potential customer is right now.  What kinds of products and services are they looking for and do they match with the products and services that you are selling or promoting as an affiliate in your business

In our own particular example, we promote a wide range of online marketing coaching and training and personal development products but they are suited to different people from beginners through to more advanced customers.

Think about these key areas regards your products …

  • Are they geared toward newbies
  • Are they for highly technical people?
  • Do they require a big up-front investment?
  • Do they assume that a person has had a certain level of experience?

Thinking about the products you promote helps you more clearly define your perfect customer and offer the right solution to the right person.

#Three  Where are they hanging out ?

This is going to be something you want to write down and we’re going to get you to think very differently  than you are doing right now

There are three key areas you are going to need to concentrate on ….

Think like they think

What are their frustrations and pain points?

Search like they search

What would someone trying to find your product(s) put in the search box at Google? Are you writing articles, blog posts, creating videos and audios providing answers for those terms?

Ask like they ask

Your customers are asking everywhere how to get their problem solved. Do you know what they are asking?

Where to these people hang out?

They tend to be on social media, groups and forums in the main and are asking questions.

You need to be there ready to answer those questions and become the person of authority and who they can trust and not the person shouting out “get my stuff” at the first opportunity.

The other place which is probably the most important over time is your email list. Makes sure to collect emails from people who you talk to who are having problems so that you can communicate with them over time and have them trust you (more on this in another article)

Also make sure that you have created a way for people to give you their email at any time they are searching – that means websites with a means for people to leave their information and advertising materials (banners, links etc) in places they are searching.

They join lists to get their problems solved and email marketing is the #1 method of marketing online for one very good reason

If you have paid attention to answering the questions about what your perfect customer is searching for then you can create advertisements (marketing) that is perfectly designed for them

#Four How Can You Help Them?

First of all we want to dispel the myth that you have to be some kind of guru or expert to help people as it is totally untrue.  Everything you learn puts you one step ahead of someone who is looking and knows NOTHING!

Just by doing these simple things (providing solutions to pains) you are already “the expert” and should never underestimate the value you can add to your potential customer’s life.

  • Provide information
  • Answer specific questions
  • Provide personal help
  • Help people save time
  • Help people save money
  • Help people avoid losing or wasting money
  • Clear up confusion and help them take the next step

Key Point No matter where you are now just remember that there are people who are where you were last week, last month or last year.

They need to know what you have learned along the way – they are your perfect customer!

If you are fairly new to all this then you are going to be saying “why should they listen to me?” It’s a good question and it’s a valid question

You have knowledge and wisdom or you know where to find it and that makes you an expert

It doesn’t make you a guru but it does make you someone who has answers to questions and that makes you an EXPERT

Success online is very much about matching …..matching what you offer to what people need and your passion with the wants, desires and needs of your customers.

Success is not about being everything to everyone

It’s about providing the best of your products and services to your perfect customer which you have now identified.

We will be expanding on this important subject so watch out for future articles

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