How to Get Started With The Clubhouse App

How to Get Started With The Clubhouse App

How To Get Started With The Clubhouse App

Now that you know what Clubhouse is from our previous article  we’re going to dig into how to get started with the Clubhouse App

This is based on what we know right now as at time of writing because even since we’ve been on the platform in the last few weeks it’s changed…

But that’s the joy of social media right?

We’ve been huge fans of Michael Stelzner and Social Media Examiner from the day we started online and if we ever want to know anything it’s already been discussed there!

We we reached out to Michael on The Clubhouse App and he gave us the link to this awesome video he created which is EXACTLY how to get started with the Clubhouse App once you get your invite

How To Get Started With The Clubhouse App (A Comprehensive Guide) With Michael Stelzner


We’re adding a downloadable PDF of the video if you would like to keep it for future reference (please ask in the comments) but for now here’s the timestamp of How To Get Started With The Clubhouse App

02:58 User Profiles
04:05 Clubs
04:45 Following Notifications & Suggestions
05:45 Profile & Notification Settings
06:39 The Hallway
07:23 Starting a Room
08:13 Moderator Settings
09:01 Active Clubs & Users
09:54 Explore: Finding People & Clubs
11:17 Notifications
11:31 Invitations
12:55 Events: Scheduled Rooms
14:00 How to Get Discovered on Clubhouse
15:08 Starting & Moderating a Room

Now as marketers we have to think about a few things…

Firstly am I at a stage where I really need to learn about another new social media platform

Secondly how will I use it to get more connections and leads for my business

How to Use Clubhouse App For Business Owners and Marketers

While social media platforms come and go, Clubhouse is showing all the signs of turning social media marketing as we know it on its head. Here are a few reasons why Clubhouse may be the next major social media platform:

  • It offers the ability to connect and engage with professionals outside of your industry or niche.
  • The typical social media algorithms that help people create echo chambers on other platforms are replaced with spontaneous rooms filled with real-time chats on a variety of topics.
  • The focus is on high-value conversations rather than produced content.
  • Clubhouse users are already fiercely loyal and protective, so much so that they’ve been very particular about who they invite to join the app with them.

Most of all, Clubhouse is finally bringing into social media the factor other platforms largely ignore – audio. While other platforms focus on visual and written media (such as captions, images, and videos), Clubhouse shifts the focus to an audio-only format

For us having observed and participated over the past weeks we can see how important some of the key features are such as creating a key worded bio, what your interests are and connecting to your Instagram and/or Twitter accounts to go off platform for a conversation or to further discuss a topic of interest.  This is virtual networking at it’s finest!

Where Things Stand…

Currently, Clubhouse looks like it’s going to be one of the biggest players in the social media scene.  If it looks like something you will want to get involved in (albeit even a little later on) then sign up for the app on your mobile device (if you’re an Apple user) and see if you can get an invite from a friend who’s already using it.

You can find us as @ChrisBeesley and @SusanBeesley – we have two separate accounts so we can join in different conversations relating to what we want to participate in.

More as we delve in…

Thanks for reading How to Get Started With The Clubhouse App

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