How To Tell Stories With Instagram

How To Tell Stories With Instagram

How To Tell Stories With InstagramHow To Tell Stories With Instagram : As you know story telling is the most powerful way to engage with your audience.  Just think about the last movie your watched or play you went to see … it was just telling a story but you found yourself engrossed into it didn’t you?

In the world of marketing it’s just the same.  People want to know more about you before they decide to get involved with you or buy any of your products or services and with social media (especially Facebook and it’s sister Instagram) it’s more important than ever to tell your story and get people to see more into your life

How To Tell Stories With Instagram : Why Instagram?

Instagram StoriesInstagram as a social media platform is incredibly powerful and deserves a big place in every single internet marketing campaign with it’s 500 million users and growing phenomenally year on year. It’s now the second largest social media platform just behind Facebook!  Now that it has added its “stories” capability it will attract a lot more people keen to build an audience, establish authority and engagement and feel a part of you and your brand … yes YOU should be a BRAND.  The brand of YOU!  We’ve an Instagram Stories Guide that explains all of that and will go deep into Instagram Stories.

Added in August 2016 Instagram Stories it has only at this time of writing become one of the biggest game-changers for the platform.

What Can You Do With Instagram Stories?

Basically Instagram Stories allows users to add images and videos (including live stream video) for their followers to see and then they disappear after 24 hours.  This has created incredible unique benefits and potential for marketers and we’ll be honest up until this point in time we had pretty much ignored Instagram Stories… but that’s all changed

Selling The Dream With Instagram Stories

For a lifestyle driven business (as are most online businesses) you are always about selling the dream (what is achievable from running an online business of course)

Just think about it for a moment – if you are selling a book on getting fit you are not really selling a book on fitness.  You are selling fitness itself.  You are selling the feeling of for example having amazing abs, of knowing that you look great ….. knowing you are desirable.

Looking at consultancy (that was what we did before we began our online business) you are not selling information, you’re selling the dream of running a highly successful business.

Instagram Stories GuideThe best Instagram accounts are all about promoting a way of life, a movement or dream – and that’s where the incredible engagement comes from

You can see our Instagram Account in the side bar of our website (it’s interactive) and some of our pictures and if you follow us you can check out our story …. but don’t forget our photos and videos disappear in 24 hours but we’ll be topping up our story no worries.

Instagram Stories is all about people becoming fans of YOU and not just the product or service that you’re promoting.  From there, it is then your job to demonstrate that you “live what you preach“.  Your personal brand and your lifestyle match what your product is about.

All that remain is for you to pick up your copy of Instagram Stories and get started

Thanks for joining us today and look forward to welcoming you back very soon

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