Jose Hernandez Story

Jose Hernandez Story

Jose Fernandez StoryJose Hernandez Story – Reach For The Stars : In the farm fields of Southern California under the hot, smouldering sun, you find children of migrant farm workers helping their parents. These families endure the hard work and low pay of harvesting crops in hopes of providing a better future for their children. This is the story of a child who dared to dream big despite his humble beginnings.

When we first saw this video shared on Facebook we knew we wanted to share it with you.

Stories are very powerful and Jose Hernandez’s story definitely was both inspirational and powerful

Jose Hernandez Story

In 1992, in pursuit of his dream to become an astronaut, Jose applies to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, but his application was denied not just once but six times … and finally in the twelth year of applying he fulfilled his dream to be an astronaught

Here’s the success recipe – the five ingredients he gleaned from his father plus one of his own

#1  Define what you want to be

#2  Recognise how far you are from your goal

#3  Draw yourslef a roadmap

#4  Get a good education

#5  Give more than people expect of you

You mix these up and you have the recipe for success

He added

#6  Perseverence

“It doesn’t matter where you start in life only where you finish”

He goes on to say

“It’s okay to dream big. My parents, my father in particular, gave me the licence to dream big. He gave me that fighting ingredient recipe, coupled with perseverance that allowed me to reach for my own star”

We couldn’t agree more – whatever you do DREAM BIG and NEVER GIVE UP

You can download the transcript of Jose Hernandez Story : Click Here

Thanks for reading – we hope you enjoyed reading Jose Hernandez story and watching the video

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