How To Use Storytelling In Email Marketing To Sell

How To Use Storytelling In Email Marketing To Sell


How To Use Storytelling In Email Marketing To Sell : Did you know that Email marketing is 40 times more successful at acquiring new customers than both Twitter and Facebook? Moreover, 66% of online consumers have purchased a product or service as a result of an email. This and other interesting email data proves that email is still one of the most effective online marketing channels for sales and it’s one we use in our business every day.

In our previous article on storytelling “Storytelling In Marketing” we talk about how important it is to use storytelling in your emails.  Why?  Because people are resistant to being sold to but they do like to buy and the way we have found to do this effectively is through storytelling.

Why do people respond so well to storytelling? Well it’s because we have been communicating through stories for decades, ever since we were telling stories around the fire in the stone age.  Just think about it for a moment … in our everyday lives stories probably take up more than half of all conversations!  That’s why storytelling is so important in our marketing – in your marketing!

The Storytelling Components

In your emails you will want to use some or all of the following

  • A relatable character – stories are usually about people. You should be writing your email as if writing to ONE PERSON – to your perfect client (known as a client persona or client profile) so that when you are writing they can totally relate to what you are saying and feel that you are speaking directly to them.  You can create a character who they can identify with or use yourself or someone who has or has had the same problem as the person you are talking to
  • A problem – Use a story (usually your own) to build the vision of a ‘problem’ that your character (you) experienced. This problem should be one that your product or service can solve.
  • Empathy – The “I’ve been there too“. The email you are writing does not aim to shame or blame the readers but rather to show they like you are human too and we have the same problems.  The aim is to make them feel emotional and that their problem is one that anyone could be experiencing.
  • Relate the story you are telling to the probelm so your reader can see what the could have done or can do to avoid the issue they are experiencing“
  • The vision – create a vision of how your character (or you if you are using a personal example) finally managed to solve the problem and how did it make them feel …what changed for them.
  • The solution – It is at the end of yur email that you introduce your reader to your product or service and its USB (unique selling point) – this is your first call to action piece
  • Re-Emphasise – Bring your reader back into reality and ask them if they are ready to change their situation / to solve their problem
  • The Final Call To Action – Leave a link with your final call to action

When speaking at a recent conference we shared an email we had written which has all the components above used with a twist.  The email was titled “Meet Bob

How To Use Storytelling In Email Marketing To Sell

It told the story of a cat we had adopted and through the storytelling we showed the reader how just like Bob they too could have a second chance

You can read it here

Of course if no one opens your email then your story is wasted so do make sure your headline gets opened.  Think about the last time you read a book and just wanted to get to the next chapter … keep it short or at least make the first 40 characters count.  Create curiosity as it really is the best way to have someone open your email

Last but not least, the most important factor for writing effective emails that sell is to really know your target audience – to understand what are your prospects’ buying behaviours and what motives them to make a purchase then create the stories that take them on that journey

If you have not seen it before we highly recommend you check out The Heros Journey – on our blog.  There are lots of videos that have been created on the subject but we picked out one that tells it in a fun way – storytelling at it’s best.

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