Rookie Profit System – Steven’s Story

Rookie Profit System – Steven’s Story

Rookie Profit SystemRookie Profit System – Steven’s Story : We talk a lot about the power of storytelling because it’s far more emotive and you are able to educate and entertain at the same time.

Steven Bransfied’s story does both.  At 22 years old and with just $206 in his bank account and part way through college he was given an irresistable offer to fly half way round the world and become the marketing assistant to the creator of one of the most powerful online education programs in the world.

Steven Bransfield shares his success through storytelling and how he’s gone on to create an online business training system called The Rookie Profit System . What better way to show you how you can benefit than through sharing his story

Rookie Profit System “Just 2 short years ago, I was down to $206 in my bank account.

I was a broke college student attending the University of South Florida, and I knew I needed to take control of my life or I’d end up in one of two places:

  • Stuck at a middle management job making $30,000 per year.
  • Living at home on my parents’ couch, like so many other kids from my generation.

Instead, I found a Mentor who taught me how to apply a proven system for making money

The company behind this system built the websites, fulfilled the products, and sold my leads into higher priced programs that I got a commission on….”

He goes on to say “Every time they closed a sale for me, I made a BIG commission of $1,250 to $10,000 per sale… sometimes more!

Fast forward to today, and I’ve earned over $1 million with this system, and it’s completely changed my life…. now, I know that people make big claims online. But I should point out that these numbers are rel and I worked very hard to earn every single dollar of that million …

I’m not saying everyone who applies this system will become a million dollar earner. But it is possible (I’m living proof) and making 6-figures – $100,000 or more – is within anyone’s reach”

This is the same system that we use to generate our income online and whilst Steven Bransfield is 22, we’re a little older at 63 and 62 respectively and proof that anyone of any age with the inclination, the right system and the right coaching can achieve their financial goals.

Like Steven we’re firm believers that every Millenial, Boomer and Gen X’er should be looking at becoming financially independent and taking care of their future.  The Rookie Profit System is a great place to start

Make sure to watch the video and if it sounds like something you’ve been looking for then get involved, speak to a member of our coaching team and begin your new adventure and create a new story for yourself.

Advantages Of The Rookie Profit System

Rookie Profit System

… you don’t have to sell anything or cold-call people

… this is not MLM

… it doesn’t require an email list

… you don’t need any marketing or business experience

… and you don’t need to know how to code, build websites, or use complicated software.

Steven goes on to say …

“In fact, I didn’t know anything about building websites when I got started, and I still don’t!

I’ve been successful despite that because this system doesn’t require tech skills.

Like some of you reading this, I was a complete Rookie when I got started

I knew nothing about direct response marketing, and even though I’m young, I’m not particularly tech savvy.

The key to my success is the fact that I was lucky enough to find the right system, and listen to my Mentor, who told me exactly what to do”

We could go on but honestly the best way for you to see for yourself is to “see for yourself” by listening to Steven Bransfield’s Story as he shares the information about the Rookie Profit System 

And how you can get involved

Just remember everyone was a “newbie” or “rookie“once upon a time just like we were

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