I Don’t Have Any Money …..

I Don’t Have Any Money

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How many times have we heard the expression

I would really like to BUT …. [I don’t have any money]”

First of all no disrespect to anyone who really does not have any money.

If that is you then we would strongly suggest that you stop for a moment and think about how you can change that and what you need to do to change that and stop using “I don’t have any money as your excuse”.

It isn’t going to happen just by putting your name into some capture page (web form) and watching the emails arrive every day only to respond to them with “I don’t have any money“.

However, if  you are searching the term “make money online” in the search engines or on YouTube and you give your email in exchange for some information then expect those people (yes, we are talking about marketers here) are going to talk to you about products, services or an opportunity to show you how to make money online. That’s a given!  That’s what YOU asked for. Some are genuine and some are not.  You have to make that decision.

If it’s not for you then for goodness sake please just unsubscribe until you are serious about generating an income online or you are in a position to support a business making money online.  It is not going to happen overnight for you EVER!

I Don’t Have Any Money – A Closer Look As A Marketer

We wanted to give you the “I don’t have any money” picture from the other side of the coin to give you an insight into running a business and how to attract the right customers (otherwise known as prospects) into your business.

I don't have any moneyJust the other day we were looking at the number of people who had managed to come up with the money to buy the game GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V)

Spending $70 (£45) for a GAME! The company made over a billion dollars in sales when it launched that game ….

When people want to spend money they will find it.

Here’s why that is …..

“1. People are willing to spend money on what they want. If you aren’t growing your business and are being told by your prospect “I don’t have the money“, then they don’t want it bad enough. Work on creating more urgency and why they should want it.

2. People will spend HOURS playing GTA V …. because they WANT to. It’s fun, it’s engaging. If someone says they don’t have the time, work on making your business more fun and engaging, people WANT to have fun at the end of the day, not feel like they have to put in another few hours in WORK especially after working all day long in a j-o-b.

3. Don’t let the economy be an excuse why your business isn’t growing. It certainly didn’t stop the sales of this video game, which is pulling in MORE than the top ten movies this year COMBINED. The game is about $70 …do the math. It takes a lot of people to create a billion in sales. People will spend money on what they want. They will find it. The economy is only an excuse if you let it be.

4. GTA V were marketing masters at creating urgency. The game is going to be on the shelf. Why not pick it up a month from now? A year from now? Because you had to play it NOW! People couldn’t be left behind! Does your business do that?????

GTA crushed sales, and have a record number of people playing their game. Stop using excuses to not grow your business, and instead break through those excuses to GROW your business”

Credit for this insight to Donna Valdes … you can read her post here

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Post by Chris Susan Beesley.

Now obviously we are looking at this from a different side of the fence to a person who is looking to make money online and it’s our perspective as a marketer as we said ….

But if you are smart, and you are one of those people who has been saying “I don’t have any money” then maybe you can see how you can change all that when you find a company or a product you love and learn how to market that product.

This is exactly why we love what we do.  We work with a company we are passionate about promoting because of its vision to help people first an foremost find freedom from what is stopping them having the life they deserve.

The products they promote are in our opinion first class and suite a range of people from newcomers to running a business (online) to experienced marketers wanting to expand their business.

Stop using excuses to not start or grow your business, and instead break through those excuses! Stop saying “I don’t have any money”

Chris and Susan SignatureI Don’t Have Any Money …..

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