Internet Funnel System Marketing

Internet Funnel System Marketing

Internet Funnel System MarketingThis article is the third in the series where we talk about an internet funnel system and why you need one in your business.  In this article we will be looking at internet funnel system marketing because without the marketing the best internet funnel system in the world is worthless to you.

Avoiding the “marketing” in any business is a fatal mistake and sadly it’s where we see people fail time and again and eventually give up on their dream of having a successful business.  To succeed online you need consistent lead generation aka traffic to your offer(s)

We’re passionate about online business education and training and it’s why we like to give so much value in our content (which is actually marketing in it’s own right) to help as many people as possible avoid failure through lack of education and training.

So let’s get into the content and why the “marketing” is so important.

Internet Funnel System Marketing Explained

In our previous blog posts “Internet Funnel System” and “Perfect Internet Funnel System” we showed you the importance of having an internet funnel system and gave you examples of a couple of ours.  However without internet funnel system marketing then you are not going to get any leads or have any chance of making sales.  You need to bring traffic into your funnel and that’s what marketing is all about.

Now we can tell you that there are hundreds of ways to bring traffic to your offer but realistically you want to begin by mastering just one or two at the most and get really good at it.  We highly recommend Traffic Masters Academy  We teach you this with the benefit of hindsight because when we began our online business we concentrated on just one method of getting traffic – Google Adwords.  We had mastered this and traffic was pouring into our business until one day Google decided to shut down the Adwords accounts of most marketers and our traffic dried up just like that.  We were actually away on a skiing holiday at the time and our business was without traffic for over 10 days.  We could have given up but we had already realised that we loved the time and financial freedom our new business gave us so we quickly set about learning new marketing strategies to bring traffic into our funnel again.  So the lesson is that internet funnel system marketing is crucial to build your list, build relationships with your prospects and make those all important sales.

C&S 40's 50's FB AdWe turned to Facebook as our principal means of traffic into our internet funnel system as it actually allowed us to find the perfect prospects for our business – people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who are close to or approaching retirement and seeking a solution to their biggest problem – not enough money to have the retirement they anticipated.  Using Facebook for our internet funnel system marketing we can attract just the right people.

We are in the process of creating a product teaching our specific strategies so watch out for it 🙂

We recorded a video out here in the mountains sharing our perfect internet funnel system so you can get a better idea of that.

Traffic Masters Academy with borderMarketing is however a science and you need to learn it in order to get a good ROI (Return on Investment) on your marketing spend so make sure to get the right training that teaches you how.

Like we said earlier we highly recommend Traffic Masters Academy.


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