Perfect Internet Funnel System

Perfect Internet Funnel System

“What is the perfect internet funnel system?”

perfect internet funnel systemThat’s the question we were asked recently during a live training as part of a home study course we were creating and its a great question.  The answer of course is that the perfect internet funnel system is the one that fits your business and your target audience because if you don’t have the right one then you will be unable to convert your prospects into buyers and your business is doomed.

In our previous article we showed you a basic internet funnel system that we incorporate into our business as it perfectly explains the principle and the necessity of having an internet funnel system.  In today’s post we will be talking about the importance of having the perfect internet funnel system for your target prospect and why when you get this right you will reach the heart and pains of your perfect prospect or client and take them through the process of providing your solution.

As in our previous article we will draw on our personal experience and our perfect internet funnel system where we reach out to people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who are in or approaching retirement and find themselves without sufficient income in their golden years due to any number of life’s circumstances (just like us)

Our Perfect Internet Funnel System Example

Retirement Guide Squeeze Page ImageOur perfect internet funnel system for this prospect begins with a squeeze page that addresses the pain of our perfect customer – those people who are caught in the pension crisis and don’t want to work for the rest of their lives (it could be the only option for many)

In exchange for a name and email we offer our Retirement Guide answering their biggest pain with a question –  “Do You Have Enough Money For Your Retirement“.  Then like we taught in our article yesterday about having an Internet Funnel System we provide the book (called a ‘lead magnet’) and then continue to build a relationship through an auto-responder service (we use Aweber) delivering emails over 7 days continuing to answer their questions and why our solution is for them as well as what we call email broadcasting (emails crafted telling stories, sharing experiences etc) thus taking them through our perfect internet funnel system.  Some of the subscribers will go on to buy our front end offer and from there a proportion will go on to buy our back end products.

If you want to check out our perfect internet funnel system for the example we are using to demonstrate the process you can subscribe here but note that our funnel, our e-book and our email series are copyright!  We love to add value and educate but we ask you to respect that 🙂

The advantage we have in the internet funnel system that we use is that we can bring in multiple audiences to the front end and back end products.

In our next article of this series we will look at how you might craft your marketing using a social funnel so watch out for it.

We have a product coming out shortly called Online Business Breakthrough Intensive so do watch out for it as we will teach you exactly how to do this step by step …. and you’ve guessed it there will be a funnel!

PS Using the internet funnel system we described in our previous article and marketing to our perfect prospect we were able to earn over $100K in commissions in less than a year (we can prove the numbers – we’re accountants after all)

Sensible income disclaimer states that if you don’t take your business seriously, invest in your online business education, get leads and make sales on a consistent basis then your results may be very different to ours.

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