Internet Funnel System

Internet Funnel System

Internet Funnel SystemRight now we are out in the French Alps where we have a traditional business – a ski chalet and because we have an internet funnel system set up our online business is working for us day and night.  It does this wherever we are whether at home in the UK or traveling. It’s something we didn’t fully understand when we first began our journey online and probably why we didn’t have the success we are able to enjoy now.

In this post we want to explain more about what an internet funnel system is and why you need one so that we can help you to shortcut your online success.

If we could go back in time understanding the importance of an internet funnel system would have saved us a lot of heartache and wondering what we were doing wrong and we absolutely don’t want that to happen to you.  It’s why we love the education niche because it allows us to help more people just like you.

If you are promoting products and services or a business opportunity then they have very likely have created an internet funnel system that you can use to begin with but as you get a little more experienced then creating an internet funnel system of your own is one we recommend.

Internet Funnel System

Let’s explain how an internet funnel system works to begin with as once you have the basics then you will be able to use that knowledge to create one of your own.

As you will see from the picture of the funnel heading up this post its wide at the top and narrow towards the end and there’s a reason for this.  If you want to make real money online then you need what is called a high converting sales funnel.  The purpose of an internet funnel system is to “funnel” a person through a series of steps once they land on your website.  Now we don’t mean a website like this where you are reading about the internet funnel system but what we call a one page website where they see your offer and have two choices – give you their details (name and email usually) in exchange for some information you are offering them.  They become a subscriber.

The next step of an internet funnel system is for the person to be offered during the course of your communications with them (known as email broadcasting or an auto responder message sequence) what we call a “front end offer“.  When someone purchases your front end offer you now have a “paying customer” or “buyer” inside your internet funnel system.

Now that you have a buyer in your system you can offer then other purchasing options – what we call “back end offers

Having a highly converting internet funnel system such as we have in our business is the quickest and easiest way to create a six or seven figure income online.

Mobe Products MontageIn our business our front end offers range from $10 to $300 and are super high quality – they can be books, events, home study courses etc.  Our most popular is our 21 step coaching program at $49.  This builds trust with your customers so that they are more inclined to buy your higher priced back end products.

Just to complete the picture of an internet funnel system and use the example of our own business, our back end products inside the MOBE internet funnel system are mastermind events and workshops which range from $9,997 to $30,000.  We’ve been to them so we can 100% tell you how valuable they are.  In fact at our latest mastermind in Cancun we were creating our very own internet funnel system and we can’t wait to share it with you.

The benefit we have now that we understand an internet funnel system is that we can in fact create multiple funnels attracting different audiences but that is for another post so watch out for that so we can explain in more detail.

We hope this internet funnel system review as we use in our business will help you  whatever you decide to promote.

Here’s an example of our live internet funnel system

Watch out for our next post as we take you through our perfect internet funnel system that we use for a very specific client 🙂

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