Internet Marketing College Review

Internet Marketing College Review

IMC Image With BorderThank you for joining us on our blog to read the Internet Marketing College Review.

For those of you who know us or regularly visit our blog know we only ever review programs, products and services we use ourselves and will put our names to.

When we heard that Chris Record was launching the Internet Marketing College we made the decision to jump on a plane and fly 5000 miles to Scottsdale Arizona and meet with him and his team and find out exactly what the Internet Marketing College was and who it was for.

In the video interview below we ask Chris Record to explain the Internet Marketing College so that you can hear it first hand and not from someone who is “just promoting” it and really cannot give a real review

Chris Record Internet Marketing College Review Interview



The first thing to know is that whilst it is being referred to right now as the Internet Marketing College that will NOT be it’s final name.  That will be revealed at the launch event in Scottsdale Arizona 5th – 7th August …. we will update you with the real name of the Internet Marketing College then

What Is The Internet Marketing College?

As you heard from Chris Record, the Internet Marketing College is to be a real internet marketing college, where people from all over the world will be able to attend the classes in person as well as online. The Internet Marketing College will give classes on different topics of business such as for example CopywritingFacebook Marketing, Shopify, SEO, etc. so that a student may specialise in a chosen field  The courses and curriculum will get updates regularly so that the students gets latest and up-to-date information – not something that was working but is working now. The classes will be structured, with tests and certification just like you would expect if you attended any other kind of college. The first ever college will be open in December 2016.

Apart from the physical college – the first will be located in Scottsdale Arizona – there will  be a digital version made available so that international  students like ourselves can attend as well via live webinar or live streaming.  Ultimately the plan is to have the “internet marketing college” in different locations around the world to service an ever increasing population of entrepreneurs and business owners looking for the right kind of education to start or grow their existing businesses.

What Are The Products of The Internet Marketing College

TEC – The Entrepreneur Club

Known as the “inner circle” product this will act as an online education and community and cost $100 a month.  It will include access to Forums covering such subjects as Facebook Marketing, E-Commerce, Shopify, ClickFunnels, Smart Member, You Tube and many more

Adopting what is known as “incentivisation”, members will be rewarded to talk about what’s working for them and how to create similar success.  All in all this looks to be a first class entry level product

This is the product we call our “bill money

IMPACT – Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training

Impact is an online “home study” course which includes coaching on how to begin online.  It’s taught by Chris Record, who has produced multiple seven figure product launches – not someone who only talks about but never done it!

The price of the course is $2000 (one-time).

This is the product we call our “spending money

MASTERS TUITION – Collegiate Style Education For Entrepreneurs

This is the live tuition class for the actual “internet marketing college” –  situated in Scottsdale, Arizona. Attendees will be able to attend the internet marketing college for a week at a time and take classes “face to face” or via live streaming / webinar style if you cannot attend in person

These classes will be coached in ISD format (Instructional Systems Design) – the format used by the highly renowned UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX and other top learning facilities around the world

Applying ISD learning structure (as seen in high schools, universities and colleges around the world) to the internet marketing online business world is set to revolutionise the industry and help those who have never yet made any money online just because they were not able to follow a system that was guaranteed to teach them the right way

This Masters Tuition (Internet Marketing College) will cost $10000 (one-time).

This is the product we call our “luxury money

We were privileged to meet the PHD’s who are creating the curriculum for the college  and see the real power of teaching via the ISD format

We hope as you watched the video you got a good overview of the Internet Marketing College and towards the end saw how we see it as a couple of “baby boomers”  and how it will help the people it most needs to help in our opinion.

Right at the end of the Internet Marketing College Interview video Chris Record tells you to contact us to get involved and you will find our details at the end of this blog.  We like to find out if its a good fit for you rather than ‘pigeon hole‘ you into something totally unsuitable

Before we go we wanted to explain the process to get access to The Internet Marketing College …

How To Get Access To The Internet Marketing College

Chris Record has found a unique way in which to “sell” the internet marketing college.  It’s called “affiliate marketing with leverage”.  You can only purchase the products of the Internet Marketing College from an affiliate.

As an internet marketer himself he saw that the very best way to promote the college was through affiliate marketing but to do something slightly different and make it a plan that would benefit more people.

Affiliate will be paid commissions between 20% and 40% in accordance with a simple compensation plan where everyone wins and you don’t have to “pay to play

We will update you on how you can become involved after 5th August since this review is based on what we know prior to the official launch

Register here to get all the updates FIRST

Meanwhile we have created the transcription of the video for you to download and read



If you think that The Internet Marketing College sounds like something you would like to be involved with then do take a serious look.

You can find out more by watching this video from Chris Record which explains more than we covered in the interview  (no optin required)

Then just shoot us over a message after you watch it

The Internet Marketing College And The Four Percent

The Internet Marketing College is to become one of the ten products of the Four Percent Group which we reviewed recently.  The two together will form a great alliance and help entrepreneurs create those all important multiple streams of income

Thanks for joining us on this page today

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