Is The New Gmail Costing You Money?

Is The New Gmail Costing You Money?


First of all we have to say hands down that we are BIG fans of Gmail and we actually have the business version of Gmail which we absolutely love.  It is a time saver and cost effective for our business.

However, the recent change that Gmail have introduced is not something that we like and there is ONE very significant reason for this …

Email Marketing!

Email marketing is huge in our industry and in our business.  We have a large list of subscribers who have chosen to subscribe to our regular updates, training and information and we use this marketing strategy to build trust and relationships with them.

So when Gmail introduced this new “tab” system suddenly people who we had subscribed to (because we want to get their information and updates) disappeared from our primary inbox.

That got us thinking that if you are one of our subscribers and are using Gmail then the likelihood is that our messages that you have asked for are also going into a folder called “Promotions” and you may never see them again ….. not good for us and not good for you!

We have gone through and changed ours back to the way we want it and you can too.

How to Get Back the Old Gmail

You can easily switch back to the OLD Gmail format where YOU get to decide what to do with your Email.

Because if you don’t want to miss important messages, training, updates, announcements, or anything that YOU want to receive from us or anyone for that matter…

… simply go back to the OLD Gmail.

Step #1: Click on the Settings Icon and click “Settings” in the drop down menu.

Gmail Step 1

Step #2 – Click on “Inbox”, as seen circled in red below.


Step #3 – Select “Primary”, and un-check other boxes that you don’t want your Email sorted by


Simply scroll down to the bottom of that page & SAVE your changes.

You will notice that the OLD Gmail Inbox is back and you will never have to worry about missing important emails or search in multiple folders again!

If you want to check out FULL Information on how the new Gmail will affect you then you can read about it on the official blog of Gmail

We like to see what others think – here’s Forbes view on it

That’s it for now.

Let us know if this has been helpful.

And if you are looking to build a serious business online and to get your hands on the training that will help you do that you can subscribe to our training by clicking on the “Join Us” picture below.

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 Is The New Gmail Costing You Money?

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