Secret To A Successful Life

Secret To A Successful Life

secret to a successful life

As you read this firstly understand that the secret to a successful life is inside all of us but sometimes it take a little while and an understanding of a greatness deep inside of you.

There are millions upon millions of people whose lives are not all that they wish, not all that they yearn for …. and yet they could be!

The choices you make as you read this blog post will spread through your life and the life of others who you touch.

We were reminded of this recently when we were reading again The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen and in particular the story of The Water Hyacinth.

We narrate this story for you on video so that you can see how just one tiny little seed planted in your life can completely blanket the surface of a pond with the blossoms of your choice.

In the story we talk of the Water Hyacinth – what you see on our pond are water lilies which are not the same but we just thought it gave a nice touch to the story.

Secret To A Successful Life – The Water Hyacinth

What makes the difference is “The Slight Edge” (and why we recommend you read the book).  What is the difference between two seemingly similar people given the exact same opportunity?  One takes it and has remarkable success and the other doesn’t.  Why is that?

They both had the same opportunity – some have gone on to earn a good solid living and even become millionaires while others have gone nowhere.

Why?  It’s not a matter of luck and nor is it timing or fate or even skill or talent either.

People everywhere are searching for the secret, the formula – how to improve their lives.  The ‘how to do it’ is not the answer.  It would be great if it were.  The secret ingredient is actually your thinking and your philosophy if we can call it that.  The attitude  behind the actions you take.

You see, a positive philosophy turns into a positive attitude, which turns into postitive actions which turns into positive results and in turn a positive lifestyle.

“Do the thing, and you shall have the power”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The slight edge philosophy is your view of life, something beyond feelings and attitudes.  Your philosophy drives your attitudes and feelings, which drives your actions.

If as you are reading the blog you have decided that now is the time to get that slight edge philosophy then we congratulate you – it is the secret to a successful life.

If you want to work with us then all you need to do is click the link below – watch the video and take the next step towards a successful life …..

“Imagine yourself on top of a mountain looking across at the most beautiful serene beauty you have ever seen in your life with nothing on your mind except peace freedom and financial security

secret  to a successful life

Seceret to a successful life

  Secret To A Successful Life

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