Are You A True Entrepreneur?

We have just returned from 10 days in Malaysia where we have spent time with some incredible entrepreneurs.  The mindset of the Malaysian people is so different to ours in their approach to their businesses – they truly are a race of entrepreneurs.

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We know for certain that had we not taken a decision to change our business just two years ago we would not be where we are today.  We would not have been offered the opportunity to travel to Malaysia to work and even if we had been we wouldn’t have been able to because of our client commitments – running our business the old way.

One of the people who played a big part in that is Dan Priestley and it is why we want to share his message with you – especially right now because the timing could not be better for you.

Here’s a video clip where Dan explains why it is so important right now to become an entrepreneur a key person of influence and how you can do it.

  • Do you know what you are going to do to protect yourself and your family from this recession?
  • Would you like to be one of those people who are protected by the changes in the economy?
  • While other businesses are going down they seem to be making more money than ever before?
  • Their names always come up in conversation. It’s those people who see the real opportunities, earn the big money and get high recognition?

Those key people of influence are the people  who make things happen in their industry.

  • Highly connected, well known and substantially rewarded.
  • Their work seems more like play and the position they enjoy in their industry allows them to earn more in some months, than workers can hope to earn in a year.
  • They have made a name for themselves and they get shown great opportunities every day.

We caught up with Dan recently at an event in London and he gave us a very special copy of his book which he inscribed for us “Become a Key Internet Entrepreneur of Influence“.

If you really want to make a difference in the world and get those opportunities you deserve you need to know ….

The key to true success …

“….. stop diverting your focus onto new things; find the industry you love and become a Key Person of Influence.  Once you are a Key Person of Influence you earn more, enjoy more recognition, have more fun and get a chance to make a real difference”

Most people don’t understand this.

Instead, they go hopping from industry to industry, looking for the “easy money”, or the “fun and rewarding” place to work.

Guess what? They never find it!

But you can ! Get a complimentary ticket to find out the steps you need to take right here .  Places are limited so don’t waste time if you are serious about changing your life and becoming a true entrepreneur who can make a difference to the lives of others following your passion.

Dan’s promise to you ….

“By the end of this event,  you will be crystal clear on what you MUST do in the next 6 months in order to own your niche, capture your value and move yourself and your business forward.”

Click on the image to get your ticket

To your entrepreneurial success

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