What’s Your Reason Why?

Our reason why was simple – we wanted our “time freedom”.

That freedom allowed us to spend 10 days in Malaysia just recently.  We were asked to join Andy Harrington and help coach a group of students to become professional speakers.  When we were asked we just said ‘yes‘ because we could.

Freedom to us is the freedom to make choices and we now travel and live the laptop lifestyle working the hours we want.  We do actually love what we do so it never seems like work to us.

This is our ‘reason why’ – the video says it all.  We didn’t record this to brag but to inspire you to search for your reason why and just do it!  Two years ago we would never have thought this possible but our reason why was very strong.


What is it that will truly motivate and drive you to spend the time and effort to start an online business?  Maybe the answer is that you want to make enough money so you don’t have to go to work every day.  If that is the case will ‘making enough money so you don’t have to go to work‘ inspire you to read books, do the leg work, attend seminars, find a mentor to help you, give up your days off etc?

What's Your Reason Why?

If that sounds like too much work then that is not your reason why.  If it doesn’t inspire you then it’s not a strong and compelling reason to do it.

Now we’re not writing this to put you off. It’s to help you truly define your reason why because if you don’t discover the real reason why then it’s not a priority and you probably won’t do it.

Just think about how many times you have started something that seemed so important but never finished it?  It’s probably because it sounded like a great idea you you didn’t take the time to uncover your true reason for doing it.  It’s not enough to say ‘I want to make more money‘ or ‘I want to retire.’

Whilst we were away in Kuala Lumpur we had a lot of hours for reading as we travelled the three time zones and Susan was reading ‘Rich Woman’ by Kim Kiyosaki – whilst this book is about investing for women it did have some very poignant stories in it and one we would like to share with you here.

Peter is a single dad with a 7 year old son – this is his story and reason why

I’m an engineer. I see my son for a few minutes in the morning, then he gets picked up from school by one of the other child’s parents, and I go off to work.  If I’m lucky I get home before he goes to bed.  The reason I wanted to become financially free was very simply so that I could drive my son to school every day.  That was it.  Well, it took me four years and today I am free.  The cash flow from my investments pays for my lifestyle.  Today I drive my son to school every day

Now that is a valuable reason why!

Now it could be that you have a very strong and compelling reason why but you just have no idea what to do about it

There are countless reasons why.   Everyone has one but for the most part we don’t take the time to uncover it until it hits us in the face as a wake-up call.

So, once you uncover your true reason why then those ‘excuses’ just disappear because it becomes the top priority in your life.

For us we had reached that time in our life when we wanted some time to travel and to enjoy what we had worked hard to achieve.  Our why was so strong that we were compelled to do something about it ….. and as they say the rest is history.

How can we help you to get your ‘reason why’ sorted?

First of all find a quiet place with no distractions.  Give yourself time and please don’t rush this process.  Your personal reason why may come to you straight away or you may find it takes time to think about it.  You don’t need to rush ths process!

Ask yourself  “what is my true reason for wanting to be financially independent?”

Think about:-

  • what you would do if you never had to work again?
  • what if you had all the time in the world to spend exactly as your wanted?
  • how would your life be different in money were not a worry?

Write down everything that comes into your mind as you ask yourself these questions

Now ask yourself again “what is my deep down core reason for wanting to be financially independent?”

Write down everything that some up this time (it may be the same or it may be different)

Now ask yourself again, going even deeper “what is my inner most, heartfelt reason for wanting to be financially independent”?

Continue to ask yourself the question again and again until your very own personal reason why is crystal clear.

Download this document here

What is Financial Independence?

Financial independence means one thing: FREEDOM

Freedom to do what you want whether that is to have a life of leisure, travel the world, spend time with your kids or pursue a new business venture.  It means your time is truly your time.

All you have to do is get with your reason why and then take the action to do something about it.

If, like us, working online is to be your vehicle to your financial freedom we look forward to working with you.

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