What is Knowledge?

What is knowledge?

The dictionary defines it as  “The state or fact of knowing.  Familiarity, awareness, or understanding gained through experience or study.”

Wikipedia goes into it even further

We like to think of knowledge as a never ending journey.  We are constantly in a state of learning and every day we add to our knowlege through our mentors and the friends and colleagues we spend time with online or who we meet day to day.

We were chatting on skype with a young man in India last night and we got on to the subject of yoga (which he teaches).  He told us about the classic yogas of Raja, Karma, Bhakhi and Jnana, and how the four together form a whole.

The part that really stood out for us was Jnâna yoga which means “path of knowledge” – Jnâna in Sanskrit means “knowledge”  (you can find out more at Wikipedia)

Sharing knowledge through being a mentor is very important to us because we like to see the people we work with succeed.

We love the words of Naresh’s Guru “You share your knowledge and you will shine like the sun”

Here is a photo Naresh shared with us of his yoga class which takes place in the mountains, beside a temple, where there is fresh air and fresh running water- all the right ingredients for learning

What is your definition of  “knowledge” ?

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