The Truth Behind Building a Six Figure Business

Have you been reading all about people making six figures on the internet working from home?

Do you want to become one of them?

Well the first thing you have to know is that it is definitely possible but it requires effort.  If you don’t have the time to give to it or you don’t want to make an effort then this is not for you.  Sorry but that is the truth of it.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.

It’s All In The Planning

Assuming you are ready to start then you need to have a plan as a six figure business doesn’t happen by accident.  It has been famously said “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail”.

What is more, even if you have the best product in the world, if you don’t have any customers then you won’t make any money.  Fact! So this is about defining your market and finding the people in it who want to buy your product.  You won’t get rich selling ice to Eskimos if you can’t find the Eskimos!

What you need to know is:

  • Your target market
  • Where can you find it
  • How can you get to it
  • What they want to buy

How do you do that?

You can find the answers by doing in depth research – this is the time consuming bit but will be well worthwhile in the long run.

Find a BIG market with high demand.

Establish what problems they are having and provide a solution with your product or service.

Research where and how your potential customers look for their solutions.

Take internet marketing as an example

This market is huge and the requirements of the customers are very varied giving you a greater chance of being successful (assuming you have the skills).

Potential customers are business owners wanting to learn the skills to apply to their own business through to individuals wanting to start a business as internet marketers.

Because of the type of information this market wants they will be using the internet to search for internet marketing training and education.  What you need to do is put your information in front of them.

Earning money on the internet is a business!

Repeat – it is an internet marketing BUSINESS. This is absolutely essential for you to understand because if you do not want to run a business don’t even start.

Internet marketing is an ideal work from home business and can fit very well around family and work commitments. It can be a part time or full time business.

Don’t expect to be an overnight success – it will rarely ever happen.

Having the right business model

Building a six figure business, as we said above takes planning and part of that planning should be making sure that you have a business model that will give you your six figure income for the long term. You do not want to be “here today gone tomorrow” so you cannot build your business on a “fad” or whatever is in fashion at the moment. Ideally, you should create multiple streams of income within your business so that if one takes a downturn the others are still supporting you. You should also aim to generate different types of income so for example, in internet marketing, our model includes three types of income – passive, affiliate and high ticket – all of which perfectly compliment each other to create a sustainable business.

What does it take?

Here is our formula for success, we call it the Entrepreneurs Success Formula.

Believe + Learn + Take Action + Focus = Your Success

You have to truly believe that you can achieve what you have set out to do.  If you do not totally believe then you will need to start with some personal development coaching (books, videos etc)

You will need to learn the various skills that running a business and becoming an internet marketer require.  The most important ones are finance, cash flow and marketing.

You will need to take action and this does not mean “saying you will take action”.  It means doing it!

This is putting into practice what you have learnt.

You must totally focus on the task in hand . Do not get sidetracked by “other projects” and “exciting opportunities”.  The nature of the internet makes it very easy to get distracted.  But you can overcome that!

You need to find a mentor (preferably a six figure mentor) to support and guide you – someone who has done before what you are trying to achieve and is willing to share their knowledge. They have to be someone you can relate to and can work with.

Define how much time you can spend each week on your business and plan when it will be.

Decide how much money you can afford to invest in your business. Your business will have regular monthly costs to cover your investment in your internet marketing tools as well as a marketing budget.

You will need to be patient, consistent and persistent in your approach. Plan to have to work hard at the beginning for little or no reward.

You will need to build your business in the right order

Create a solid automated backend first – this means building your website and landing pages linked to an autoresponder so that when you start to generate traffic and subsequently leads they are dealt with efficiently with little input from you.

Learn and implement a marketing technique and strategy – become proficient at it before moving on to another strategy

Market! Market! Market!

Set yourself some manageable goals that are always the next step towards the bigger goals.

Arrange regular contact with your mentor to keep you on track Take each day step by step and before you know it you will be well on your way to achieving your dreams.

Choosing Your Business

So having told you what’s involved in building your six figure business choosing the right business for you is absolutely key. Here are a few pointers:-

It should be something that you enjoy and can be passionate about.

  • It should be in a market where there is high demand.
  • The product or service should be of excellent quality.
  • The commission structure must be able to match your financial goals, in your timescale.
  • It should be something that already has successful people in it, people who are genuinely running a successful business.
  • There should be people who are willing to mentor you and are willing to help you achieve your goals.
  • There should be a community that you can join – a place where you can get support and help, and of course, make friends.
  • There should be a solid, automated, backend marketing system.
  • If you don’t like selling, is there someone who can close your sales for you?
  • There should be an established training system that will enable you to learn at your pace.
  • An essential part of that training must be internet marketing – the ability to generate leads is a key skill – you won’t get rich trying to sell to your family and friends.

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