Life Of An Affiliate Marketer – Training From Stage in Las Vegas

Life Of An Affiliate Marketer – Training From Stage in Las Vegas

Life Of An Affiliate MarketerIn our previous post we shared with you information about the life of an affiliate marketer and how it really is possible to have a business as an affiliate marketer – even in your 60’s like us.

What we didn’t share with you was that it’s also possible to win prizes as well as creating a part time or full time income …

We never imagined one day that we would win a prize as an affiliate marketer

But it’s true – you can and we have

Check out this video where it was announced we placed 2nd in a $12,000 affiliate competition in Las Vegas.

There’s also some valuable training you will pick up from this video if you’re looking at affiliate marketing as a business and wanting the life of an affiliate marketer

Life Of An Affiliate Marketer – Training From Stage in Las Vegas

Life Of An Affiliate Marketer Super Charge Summit Las VegasWe’re very proud of our achievements because after all we’re in our sixties now and in this competition we were competing with super affiliates who have earned many millions of dollars in their business.  Darren Salkeld for example has earned over $10 million, Shaqir Hussyin, Paul Lynch and John Chow over $2 million each …

Just goes to prove if you take part you have a good chance of winning!

The first competition we entered we won a $50 Amazon Voucher and then most recently we won a Hover Board (someone things that the life of an affiliate marketer is related to all things sporty LOL)

Anyway, business should be fun and enjoyable and taking part in competitions is a great way to set goals for yourself and do everything you can to exceed your expections.

Do we love the life of an affiliate marketer?  You bet we do

Want to find out how you can too?

Get the book Limitless and we’ll be in touch to help you get started

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