The Reasons People Don’t Succeed Online

The Reasons People Don’t Succeed Online

The reasons people don't succeed onlineWe promise that this won’t be a rant as we go into the reasons people don’t succeed online or for that matter any kind of business and everything we say we want to be seen in a positive light and with the best of intentions to help you reach the success you deserve.

Just the other day on Facebook someone posted about the reasons people don’t succeed online and as always you have to find a positive way to answer and be honest about it at the same time …. you can see what we said a little further down this article.

Let us share a story with you about the reasons people don’t succeed online …

The Reasons People Don't Succeed OnlineJust recently Matt Lloyd the founder of MOBE was asked at an event for affiliates in Las Vegas about what he saw people doing wrong in their business, the reasons people don’t succeed online and what they needed to do about it.

Matt always has a great way of explaining by way of training so we’re going to share with you exactly what he said in answer to that questions which is effectively one of the reasons people don’t succeed online, in MOBE or any other business

He began “… there’s one glaring thing I see everyone do wrong consistently … they over complicate the entire business”

Let’s explain (this is the training) …

In any online business what we as entrepreneurs and business owners do is simple; we get people in front of offers.  A small percentage of them will buy, and we get paid.

How we get them in front of the offer depends on what traffic source we use.  All a person needs to do, is choose one and make it their major focus.  People get caught up in all the details and most of them are insignificant.  It’s all about getting targeted buyers in front of your offers.  The failure to do these things are the reasons people don’t succeed online!

The Reason People Don't Succeed OnlineTo use as an example MOBE have a book LIMITLESS which is a front end offer  which contains over 250 pages of content about high ticket affiliate marketing.  The book also recommends the MOBE affiliate program.  It explains that it’s the best way to earn money online and how promoting the MOBE offers can pay up to $10,000 per sale and higher.

All the affiliates need to do is focus on promoting the book to people who are genuinely interested in learning about having their own online business.

Like this …..

Abdul with Limitless


It’s especially easy for new affiliate partners to focus on this to start making sales because  MOBE handle the phone follow up, email follow up etc.

The other missing ingredient and one of the reasons people fail online was that most people were not willing to put in the hard work to be successful in any business.  Most people want the short cut and do not appreciate how hard the people who have succeeded online have worked to make their money.

In the internet marketing industry very few marketers talk about the hard work and that’s because hard work doesn’t sell and that’s one of the reasons that people don’t succeed online.

Sadly most people who say they’re serious about starting an online business are NOT serious.  Most of them are in the business because they are bored (with their job, life in general, lack of money etc)  They sadly treat their business like a hobby and it therefore pays them like a hobby!

Until you absolutely and utterly fully commit you’re not going to get substantial results

If you want to go far in business you need to be making it a top priority in your life …

You’r e going to have to give things up.  Whether that’s watching your favourite TV show or going out a few times a week, or anything else that’s time consuming and distracting you away from your business.

As Matt said addressing his affiliates “if you want extreme results in business then extreme measures are required … no one ever became a billionaire having their business be anything but the top priority in their life”

We wrote about this on Facebook just recently and added our thoughts about mindset (because that’s our thing)

The Reasons People Don’t Succeed Online – Success Steps


There’s a good chance if you’re reading this that you’re more interested in having a business that will allow you to be financially comfortable, work a few hours a day and have money left over to experience the finer side of life….

The good news is you can.

If your goal is to make six figures – to put away $100K a year from an online business you work at for 3 or more hours a day – you CAN do that.  So long as those 3 hours are spent on high leverage activities.  hard work.  The right kind of work. Work that brings in sales.

When we look back on our time online  there have been many turning points – the first Google ads we placed in 2009/2010 that started to generate leads and sales.  The first webinar when we only had one person turn up.  The first high ticket sale we made. Our first live event we put on.  Speaking to crowds of up to 6,000 people.  Writing our first book.  All of these were scary but the sense of accomplishment was amazing.

Every DayThe reasons most people don’t succeed online is because they are just not stretching themselves.  In business you get paid to promote.  Every day you must be placing your business in front of potential clients and prospects – we talked about this very recently at a live workshop in London because it’s so important.

As an entrepreneur you need to be obsessed with promoting and as you get those first few sales you will see something magical happen.  It builds self-belief, know it’s possible and see themselves repeating those steps that led to that sale to replicate the result…. get some momentum behind them and scale it to greater heights.

The question if you’re reading this is “are you totally committed?” because that’s what it’s going to take.

Do get a copy of Limitless – read it cover to cover and then if you’re prepared to do what others are unwilling to do start your journey as an online entrepreneur.

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