Using Snapchat For Business

Using Snapchat For Business

Using Snapchat For Business shutterstock_399123676We’ll be honest when we first saw Snapchat we dismissed it as another one of those social media sites that really wasn’t for us or for business use.

We were wrong.  You absolutely can be using Snapchat for business provided you know how to use it.

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It began with us reading the words of #AskGaryV in his book where he said ” “Snapchat is a goldmine of opportunity for anyone that wants to create real relationships and build loyalty ….”  He did say he couldn’t bother to reach out to 40-60 year old’s so we’re going to take that as a challenge Gary!  He also talks about marketing today as being for the forward thinker and the brave and if you’re scared to innovate you’re too old for this.

Now we’re talking – nothing like a challenge then – watch this space Gary

Then another very well respected entrepreneur was talking about using Snapchat and we were hooked on finding out more

If you are regular readers of our blog or our Facebook you will know that education is at the heart of our business so in this article we’re going to look at using Snapchat for business and how you can use it to get leads and make sales in your business

Let’s look at some facts and background information to using Snapchat for business

Snapchat is a mobile app that lets you send public or private snaps of images and video to people from your smartphone and its a great way to connect with your clients (and customers and of course your potential clients and customers).

StoriesUsing Snapchat for business (unless you are a big brand) is really about  growing your audience and sharing content and stories with them organically and that’s great news for you.

It was when we watched this webinar that we really started to see another side to Snapchat that would help us to build our brand through sharing stories and building our audience

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Using Snapchat For Business – Facts and Figures

  • Snapchat has 100 million active daily users.
  • 86% of Snapchat’s users fall into the 13 – 37 age range.
  • 5+ billion videos are viewed on Snapchat each day

If you really want to get the inside track on using Snapchat for business then we highly recommend you get on this free webinar and really understand what it’s all about and why we’re so excited about it as much for ourselves as we are for you as an entrepreneur.

How To Set Up Your Snapchat Account

Using Snapchat For BusinessThe first step to using Snapchat for business is to set up your Snapchat account. To do this, you need to download the app from the iTunes store or Google Play. Once installed, you’ll be able to sign up for a new Snapchat account

It’s all pretty straightforward 🙂

If two 60 year olds can get to grips with it we’re sure you can too

If you want step by step instructions on how to set up your account we strongly recommend you read  The Snapchat Business Guide here from our friends over at Social Media Examiner

Back to why you’re reading this …

Using Snapchat for Business


Snapchat is a great equaliser as far as branding is concerned because all the pictures and videos are shot with the app and therefore you can’t be “outdone” by professionals who have a lot of money to spend enhancing images and all that kind of stuff.  Advice is just get out there and get started.  With the 24 hour longevity of live posting if you get something wrong it doesn’t matter.

Build a Following / Audience

Right now you just need to let as many people know as possible that you are on Snapchat – add your details and share on your other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc and you will soon grow a following

Engaging Your Audience

Success on any social media has always come from engaging and Snapchat is no different. As your followers (your audience) to respond to your pictures and videos via the chat feature and even think about asking them questions.  If you have a product or service or even a book as we have then ask your audience to post a picture of them using it or with it in the case of a book.


This is what really attracted us to using snapchat for business as it’s absolutely true that “facts tell and stories sell”.  Think about sharing a story of behind the scenes in your business.  We’ll definitely be trying that

At the end of the day as with any social media attraction marketing is the best way to build your business and Snapchat is no different.  Allow your audience to see the real you – have fun, share your life and your business

If you’re really serious about using snapchat for business then do as we’ve done.  Get the Snapchat Course we’re doing and let’s share how we’re getting on


Snapchat Training Course

Snapchat For Business  A Guide 

Snapchat Free Webinar

See you over on Snapchat

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