Living The Costa Rica Dream

Living The Costa Rica Dream

Living The Costa Rica DreamLiving The Costa Rica Dream : In today’s post we’re going to share the story of Jim Kitchell who was our skipper on a sunset cruise aboard his catamarn the Costa Cat yesterday  That’s a picture of Costa Cat you can see here courtesy of his website Costa Cat Cruises

Why do we want to share Jim’s Living The Costa Rica Dream Story?

It’s because we see so many people with a dream who never realise it so its wonderful to be able to share such an inspiring story (and of course video  just says it better)!

Now Jim and his brother Joe have at thriving business doing what they’re passionate about and sharing their dream with others.

What could be better than that?  Enjoy listening to his story as we share some similarities with our own story and think about that dream of yours as you do …

Living The Costa Rica Dream – Jim Kitchell’s Story

Thanks for reading and hope that Captain Jim’s story inspires you to live your dream

Here’s some pictures from our day on the “Costa Cat” over on our Facebook

As we said in the video, if an opportunity had not arisen for us 6 years ago then we would not be living our dream today …. we hope that one day we will be sharing your story 🙂

If you have a passion and a dream then we urge YOU to take that first step and grab a copy of our book – The WiFi Millionaire

We’ll see you again on our next post 🙂

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