Living To Work Or Working To Live

Living To Work Or Working To Live

Living To Work Or Working To LIveLiving To Work Or Working To Live : According to a study last year more than half of those in the “workforce” chose not to take their full vacation…. don’t you think that it’s crazy that so many people choose to go into work EVEN when they don’t need to be there?

We can so resonate with that because that’s what we were doing  Running our own business really was no more than a job and our clients were the boss.  We wanted to take vacation but just felt we couldn’t … that we owed it to our clients to do the work they wanted done.

Now life is very different – we work for ourselves and our business travels wherever we go

Just imagine that 🙂

 Living To Work Or Working To Live

With over 2 million views this video will not fail to touch you and we hope inspire you to do something about it whether that be to take the vacation owing to you or to find a way to have a life that gives you more vacations!

We all need time to get away, to rewind and recharge … because life is all about moments

The most precious things we have in life are our moments … let’s make the most of them before they disappear … creating memories that will last forever

We’ll leave you with that to ponder on

Thanks for joining us on our blog and hope to see you back here again soon

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