Never Take No for an Answer!

When we watched this video that we are going to share with you it took us back to 2005 when we first became interested in the technology of video and where we saw it going in the years to come.

For us it was also a foray into MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and back then there wasn’t the education and training that is available these days to grow your business. This business was VM Direct and is now known as ComF5. Nevertheless we stuck with it and now 6 years on we are glad we did.

Did people say to us “forget it”, “it won’t work”, “you won’t make any money out of it” Of course they did – that’s what friends and family are for …..  Did we take any notice of them?  No!

Well, in our opinion, video on the internet is definitely here to stay and if you are running a business on the internet where attraction marketing is king video definitely says it better.

The moral of the story and the point of the video is NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!

Please share and enjoy

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