No Time …. No Money….!

No Time …… No Money ….!

TimeThese are the two most common reasons why people don’t get started with a new business – now we totally understand when they say “I don’t have any money” but when they say “I don’t have any time” then in most cases that is really just an excuse – a reason to justify saying no.

Two years ago we were in that exact same position – we were working 6 days a week in our management consultancy business and had very little time to have the life we were working towards and we knew that things had to change ….. many of you will have heard our story.  We knew that we had to do something about it before time ran out (because we are no ‘spring chickens’)  We also knew that the way to buy back that time was to start an online business …… but how would we find the time?

Well we put our heads together and did some sums (that’s our accountancy background coming out) and found some time in our busy lives that we could set aside to build the foundations of our business …. and no it wasn’t easy to begin with and we had to be pretty disciplined with it to get done what we wanted.

Now two years down the road we are glad that we did and have put together an e-book for you to help you find that all important time so that it can no longer be an excuse for not getting started with your business.

In fact this same e-book is included in our brand new ‘online business in a box’ product we launched just this year. for anyone wanting to start an online business on a budget.

Grab your copy of Finding Time & Productivity

We’ve also put together a ‘cheat sheet’ that you can use to plan your own time – you can  get your copy here


The downloads are PDF files so if you don’t have a PDF Reader you can get it here – it’s free

We’d love to hear how you are getting on if you’ve already got started – all you need to do is leave us a comment below

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