How To Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online?

If you are reading this then you have most probably searched the words “make money online” or something similar and you want to find out if it really is possible.

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The words “make money online” certainly sound very appealing  but the number of searches returned when you type these words into a search engine such as Google will bring you an overwhelming number of results – in the region of several hundred million in fact!

So where on earth do you start ?  Well first of all let’s set the record straight there are no magic solutions, courses or ‘secrets’ to making money online despite what the so called ‘gurus’ tell you.

Making money online is about running a business and to achieve success online you need to treat it like a business.  Once those business foundations have been built then you can continue to build on it and earn an income from it from anywhere in the world.

There are no secrets – these are the basics you need to make money online

How To Make Money Online

To make money online, you need an integration of various components (a system) that will:-

  • Leverage your time
  • Find customers automatically
  • Sell products 24/7 to generate you a steady stream of income

Once you master this system, you can repeat it time and time again and in as many different niches as you can find a demand of hungry customers. What is more it really is simple once you have mastered it.

Do not choose a system that promises millions at the press of a button – this is a ‘get rich quick‘ system and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is (we were fooled too!)

You need to build a solid and sustainable business following a proven system this will allow you to make money from home or anywhere in the world

  • work the hours you want
  • take holidays when you feel like it
  • work wherever you want
  • generate money on demand

Choosing the Right System

To build your business quickly and efficiently it is essential to follow a proven system that other people are already having success with. Most people will try and “go it alone” and waste a lot of time trying to “re-invent the wheel” and consequently have very little success. Having a step by step training system with experienced support and regular guidance will ensure you move forward in the fastest possible time and always in the right direction.

This is where you are going to have to do your due diligence just as you would if you were buying into a franchise or going into a traditional offline business. Ask the questions you need the answers to and ask to speak to those already using the system and who have achieved the success you are looking to achieve.

The freedom of making money online and working from home comes from starting your own business and selling your skill-set as a service or to develop a product or products you can sell – these can be your own or the products and services of others

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can make money online

There are many ways to make money online ……

Most entrepreneurs and people wanting to start a business online think that they need to create a product or invent and sell something that no one has ever thought of.  Honestly, that is the most difficult way to make money (actually we used to think that too so you are not alone). The easiest way is to look at the markets where people are already achieving success and making money and get in there yourself. The reason being they have already looked at these markets, they have taken the risk already and they are already advertising and selling products in that market.

Let’s see how this model works in reality.

You need to start out by doing some research. Using search engines like Google, type in the subject you are thinking of forming a business around. If you don’t see any adverts then do not go into that market because there are no buyers. Honestly! If you type in a subject or keyword and lots of adverts come up then you can be sure that this is the best market to be selling into.

Many people do just this and go no further because they think that because there are a lot of people advertising in that market that it is saturated and there is no room for them. This is so not true. (We’ve even heard that ‘The Internet’ is saturated!)

How do you move forward once you have discovered your ideal market?

Click on the adverts that you saw when you were doing your research and doing your due diligence. See which ones are making money and have a solid business behind them. Look at the web page that you land on keep a note of the content for your own advertising campaign. If it works for them it can work for you (it’s called modelling – not to be confused with copying)

The clever thing that you do now is do something complimentary in that market and that way you can promote those products and services that are in your industry alongside your own even and it can lead to creating some beneficial partnerships along the way as well.

Selling other people’s products and services (otherwise known as affiliate marketing) is a multi billion dollar a year industry and it just keeps growing – there are plenty of customers looking for the products and services you are selling (remember you did the research) That is why it is a great idea to partner with those in your industry who have the products that sell and earn a commission from selling them on their behalf as an affiliate.

However, that being said there is a process to it and you have to know how to do it and to make sure that you make a profit!

You Have To Have The Right Mindset to Make Money Online

It really is all about mindset – as Henry Ford famously said If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right”

Most entrepreneurs never give their business enough time to succeed or put enough focus and effort into it. Instead they fall into the trap of abandoning one business and then starting another without putting time, effort and focus into it. When you spread your resources too thinly (having several businesses on the go at once for example) you are not working effectively. Focus on one business at a time, one strategy at a time, make money with it then replicate the model.

You Need to Learn Internet Marketing to Make Money Online

Marketing has changed. Effective marketing involves giving value to your prospective buyers first – the principle of “give before you receive”. By doing this instead of “selling” straight off you will have a much better response. This is the key to internet marketing. If you do just that little bit more than your competitors and give just that little bit more you will make more money than they do. Over delivering and giving more than you promise will have people coming back to you for more time and time again.

You Need to Make An Action Plan to Make Money Online

If you are in a ‘situation’ (bad debt, no job, unemployed, hate your job, etc ) and truly want to pull yourself out of “your situation” then you have to face up to reality and make a plan. Leveraging the internet and starting an online business is one of the most accessible options open to you. It is a huge market and the start up costs/investment are relatively low.

· Grab yourself a pen and paper and write down what you could do to change your life for the better.

· Write down two actions (one small and one big) that you can take right now that will make a difference to your life.

(If you are thinking that you want to make as much money as possible – a word of caution. ‘As much money as possible’ doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as ‘as much money as possible’ You have to have a real number to create a real plan for how to get there. Write it down).

Here’s a video we recorded on the business model we recommend when starting a business online

All that remains is to get started and make money online.  That’s the most important step that you can take!  Just Do It!

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