OFF Page SEO Fireworks With Backlinks

Off Page SEO Fireworks With Backlinks

Off Page SEO Chris and Susan Beesley
In our last post we looked at taking the Spook Out of SEO and went through the basics of SEO and in particular what is called “on page” SEO.

Today, to celebrate Guy Fawkes we are going to share with you Off Page SEO and in particular the importance of backlinks

When we first started our online business and went to our first internet marketing conference they kept talking about backlinks and we didn’t have a clue what they were (and we didn’t like to show our ignorance by asking either)

Now we have a much better idea and once you understand the basics of SEO and why backlinks are important it all falls nicely into place.

Off-Page SEO & Backlinks is very important – Why?

Because you need Backlinks! You need lots and lots of backlinks.

Social media and social bookmarking backlinks are really cool and you can get them easily by using a program like TribePro to share your content with the world

There are other ways of getting backlinks as well.

You are definitely going to want to diversify the types of backlinks you are getting for the best results.

Article submission is another way of getting backlinks. Write good articles and link back to your blog or to videos. Some directories to consider are sites such as Ezine Articles and ArticleCity

Another way to get links are forums such as the Warrior Forum and Better Networker for example.

All of these sites allow you to put a “signature” or “resource box” with a link back to your website and this is all good for backlinks.

Directory submissions is yet another way to get links back to your blog and one we use regularly is IMAutomator This starts at just $2.95 per month for a small number of links and increased number of links the more you pay.

These directories let you submit a link to your website and if you do a Google search for directory submissions you will find lots of others to take a look at.

Remember getting links to your site is very important. This is what will build your site as an authority in the eyes of the search engines.

We hope you found the basic SEO information in this and the previous article helpful.


OFF Page SEO Fireworks With Backlinks

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