Ready Aim Fire

Ready Aim Fire

Ready Aim FireIt’s funny how we obsess about minor decisions (even major decisions) so much so that we never get round to taking any action and subsequently stay right where we were.

We recently had to make a very big decision to sell our ski chalet in the French Alps and we could have pondered and thought about it and give ourselves every reason not to take the action. What we call the ready ….. aim ….. aim ….. aim …. and another year would have passed.

To get any results you have to go for Ready Aim Fire!  And that’s precisely what we did.

For some it’s a very minor decisions about buying a piece of equipment  to perform an action – like buying a microphone or a selfie stick to create better videos.  For some its just getting down to creating their first Facebook Advert, first blog post, first video …. the list goes on.  The important thing is not to obsess about learning, studying and trying to figure it all out.

In this business and as an entrepreneur it makes more sense to be Ready Aim Fire and move into action.

We watched this great video from Jeff Walker an entrepreneur we follow and admire

Ready Aim Fire – It’s Not About The Selfie Stick

We love Jeff’s explanation and we’re sure you’ll get it once you spend the 5 minutes watching it.  It’s not about the selfie stick but about making a decision!  The Ready Aim Fire decision 🙂

You see we see this all the time

The difference between doing a ton of research and actually getting out your first video, your first blog post, your first email your first squeeze page.  It’s huge.  Immense even but once you get your first piece of content our there you start to learn, to innovate and get better.  You build up experience.  Until you get experience and get in the game then you’re not in the game.

Just get started – Ready Aim Fire

The message is you can’t be a ‘pro‘ without getting started and to get started you have to take the first step to follow through Ready Aim Fire!

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