Are You An Entrepreneur Or a ‘Wantrepreneur’?

Are You An Entrepreneur Or A ‘Wantrepreneur’?

WantrepreneurInteresting question isn’t it “are you an entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur?”  In fact until last night we had never heard the word wantrepreneur.  Surprisingly it actually exists in the dictionary as “a person who thinks about being an entrepreneur or starting a business but never gets started”

The truth of the matter is, there are hundreds and thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs who think they have a winning idea but never manage to put it into action and go on to growing a successful business ….

And that’s a great shame because their idea could be as huge as Edison and his light bulb! Just imagine if that had been your idea and you never did anything about it?

You see a wantrepreneur is someone who …

  • “is going to” start a business
  • will “find the right idea some day!”
  • “thinks about starting a business” all the time. Yet doesn’t do it

The Key Characteristics of A Wantrepreneur

wantrepreneurThere are many key characteristics that we recognise that separate an entrepreneur from a wantrepreneur and if you’re reading this then we realise we might be hitting a raw nerve but we sincerely hope we can inspire you to move from being a wantrepreneur to becoming an entrepreneur with the right coaching and mentoring and a prod or two in the right direction.

Over the years we’ve been talking to wantrepreneurs from all over the world and having collected a lot of memories and data we’ve realized these are actually three common traits.

As you read this you’ll probably recognise one or two or maybe even all three and hope that this will help you move forwards and become the entrepreneur you know you “want to be

1.  Are You Passionate About Business?

You hear so many entrepreneurs say you need to be passionate about the business you’re in but rarely do you hear them talk about being passionate about business as a whole.  If you’re to be an entrepreneur then not only must you have a an idea and be passionate about pursuing that idea as a business but also be passionate about having a business and running a business.

People who have created the biggest successes are as passionate about their ideas as they are about running a business that supports those ideas. Just look at Richard Branson as an example!

But lets be clear you do have to be 100 percent convinced and passionate about your product or service, or else why should anyone else be?

In our opinion all real entrepreneurs are driven by their passion and love for business, whereas wantrepreneurs are driven by the idea of being an entrepreneur.

2.  Will You Take Massive Action?

When it comes down to it, taking action is what really counts. Entrepreneurs take the leap of faith even when everything is not complete because they know they will complete it and it’s important to push forwards

Real entrepreneurs do what they say they’re going to do wheareas wantrepreneurs talk about it but never really get started.

Don’t let yourself become paralysed by information and let it hold you back.  Just take massive action on what you know you want to do!

3.  Are You Prepared To Give Up Stuff?

Wantrepreneurs have this idealistic vision of what it is like to be an entrepreneur. They might see it as the quickest way to get rich or the ability to set their own hours and be their own boss and not have to answer to anyone.

But not answering to anyone means you will need to be extremely disciplined and harder on yourself than any boss you’ve ever had in the past. Setting your own hours only means you’ll be pouring in more in the beginning, because you’ll be overflowing with ideas, tasks and projects that need to get done.

We heard this expression once and it sums it up beautifully “the only time you see the word shortcut before success is in the dictionary”

wantrepreneurIt takes hard work and long hours to achieve the success you desire and there’s a huge roller coaster you will encounter as you start and grow your own business. You’ll have moments of total despair and frustration where you wonder if you were crazy to even attempt this, but you’ll also have fantastic high points where you feel like you’re on top of the world.

We can tell you we’ve been through all these experiences and sometimes wondered why the heck we decided to become entrepreneurs when we had that very safe and comfortable life ….

But then we remembered.  Time is irreplaceable and there were places we wanted to visit, people we wanted to meet and most of all a life to remember together.  That’s what makes it all worthwhile.

Don’t be one of those wantrepreneurs who try to start a business and say “OMG this idea is so good .. I can do this” then never end up accomplishing anything because you are paralysed by fear of the unknown.

These days it’s so easy to become an entrepreneur where you don’t even have to create your own products or come up with an idea because it’s all been thought out and done for you.  That’s exactly what we do and thousands of other people just like us.

We hope we’ve inspired you to take the action to move from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur just like others before you who are living proof it’s possible

Who Are We

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