The Top 5 Percent

The Top 5 Percent

Why The Rich Keep Getting Richer And The Successful More Successful

The Top 5 PercentHave you ever wondered why the rich just keep getting richer and the successful more successful?

If you have and you’ve done any kind of research you will find that there is ONE think they all have in common and it’s why they are the top 5 percent 

The picture is likely a clue as to why they are in the top 5 percent and richer and more successful than anyone else.

This very short video (just over one minute) explains exactly and we hope will inspire you to take your life and business to the next level if you are not achieving the success and wealth that you’re looking for

The Top 5 Percent Video

This video “The Top 5 Percent” is courtesy of Darren Hardy of Success talking about the lesson that Brian Tracy taught him and what separates the top elite achievers from everyone else.

The E / E Ratio

Brian Tracy also taught me this E/E Ratio. What separates the 5% who are wealthy and the 95% who are not? The 95% spend their spare time on entertainment. The 5% spend the majority of their spare time on education.

This is the great divide between the have’s and the have not’s.

How are you spending your spare time?

I’m not saying you don’t ever have any entertainment. Of course not. Everything in moderation, but this is the average consumption: 8 hours a day is spent on entertainment.

 It doesn’t always have to be television. Facebook and all that other social crap that’s un-purposeful is also entertainment. Chit chats in the hallway, gaming, all the other stuff, it’s entertainment. It’s fine. Entertainment is okay, but in small doses.

Certainly not a third of your life every single day. Half your life if you consider, one-third is at sleep. Don’t do that

Darren Hardy

Want to know how you can hop on the same train and live the life you were meant to live?

The question to ask  is “How much personal development training are you doing each and every day, consistently without fail?

Whenever we talk to one of our students or business partners who are struggling in their business it’s usually down to a lack of personal development ….

Education and feeding the mind with what will help you reach success is what separates most people from the top 5 percent

We hope we’ve inspired you to take the action to move towards the top 5 percent and if you read our previous post about what it takes to move from a wantrepreneur to entrepreneur you will see that what we and Darren Hardy’s says here is spot on!

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