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The Life Of An Entrepreneur

One of our favourite books is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

The gist of the book is – each day, we make a multitude of what seem to be “tiny, insignificant” decisions.  However, those decisions compounded over years/decades define the quality of your life.

We've read it many times, listened to the audio in the car and taught segments of it to students of entrepreneurship all around the world 

It's all about changing the way you look at things and processing information that enables you to make the daily choices that will lead you to the success and happiness you desire...

The reason some people make dream after dream come true, while others just continue dreaming and spend their lives building dreams for someone else

As entrepreneurs the fact is that there is something within us that drives us to achieve success and to never give up

We love the book and we also love this video "The Life of An Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds" from friend and entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David  which has been watched over millions of  times with a great message of turning simple disciplines into massive success

It's short but it's powerful and we highly recommend you add it to your favourites and give it a play every time you feel like giving up!

For those of you would would like the words:-

Most people only pay attention to the final product of a successful entrepreneur.
They say things like, “ I can never be like them” or “they got lucky“.
What most don’t see, is what they’ve overcome.
All the struggles, the daily rejections, the heart aches…
the betrayals, the rumours, the criticism…the empty bank account, and all those lonely nights while trying to make their vision a reality.

You see the only difference between the one who quits and the one who doesn’t is
that they showed up every day,
they worked hard every day,
they hustled every day,
they learned from a proven mentor every day,
they improved every day;
They did all this even though they felt like quitting every day.
And eventually,
they became who they are today.

In 3 months from now you will thank yourself if you do this!

Thanks for watching

Remember all it takes is do what it takes EVERY DAY and NEVER GIVE UP

Our favourite quotes from The Slight Edge

 “If you don’t change your thinking, no amount of how-to’s will offer a real solution.  It’s not the “hows,” it’s how you do the “hows.” 

 “Focusing on the actions is not enough, because it’s the attitude behind the actions that keeps those actions in place.”“A value-driven attitude says, “What can I do to help you?  An entitled attitude says, “What have you done for me lately?”

“Your philosophy is your view of life, something beyond feelings and attitudes.  Your philosophy drives your attitudes and feelings, which drive your actions.”

“That the things you do every single day, the things that don’t look dramatic, that don’t even look like they matter, do matter.  That they not only make a difference – they make all the difference.”

“Everything you need to do to transform your life is easy to do.  Simple little disciplines that, done consistently over time, will add up to the very biggest accomplishments.”

“Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.” 

“It’s never too late to start.  It’s always too late to wait.”

“A simple, positive action.  A simple error in judgement.  Either way, it’s the Slight Edge at work – working for you or working against you.”

Want a copy of the book?  Read it here

Have you read “The Slight Edge”?  

What is your biggest takeaway from it?

Chris and Susan

Chris and Susan Beesley

We’re former accountants and management consultants ‘of a certain age‘ with 5 great kids, 4 grand-kids, a grand-dog and a little old cat called Vincent. We love skiing, the mountains and travelling the world. We began our online journey 10 years ago and discovered a passion for teaching and training and now help others to start and build successful businesses online to generate them a full or part-time income to support their retirement lifestyle... and that includes us!

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