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The Slight Edge

The Slight EdgeRight now we’re at a 3 days business conference in London and yesterday we presented “The Slight Edge

Our presentation was inspired by the book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen – it’s a book we highly recommend for entrepreneurs if you have not read it

The whole point of our presentation was about turning simple disciplines in your business to massive success.

As Jeff Olsen says in his book “it’s easy to do but its also easy not to do

Our presentation was all about the importance of building relationships in business.  It’s something we have always done both in our management consultancy traditional business and now do in our online business.

We always like to share value so here’s five things you can do for people that provides value to those people and will drive success in your business

Five of The Slight Edge Strategies For Entrepreneurs

The Slide Edge Strategy #1 Build Relationships

This is a skill set that good entrepreneurs and salespeople have that involves cultivating trust and then having built that trust to also build trust in what it is you’re offering to them.  Traditionally we have been able to do this physically as these are what we can do day in day out through the people we meet in so many ways.

You may never know when that relationship may come to fruition and you should never expect that it will.  Do it because your aim is to solve a problem and add value to their life in some way, shape or form.

Events like the one we are attending and speaking at this weekend is a perfect example.  We have delivered value through our presentation and if that helps just one person then that makes us happy.  We’re not looking for anything more than to serve.

Never forget the power of the ‘virtual ‘world – fans and followers on Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and Twitter and not forgetting your subscribers on your email list.

The Slight EdgeAlways think about what you do a little seeds you are planting that one day will flourish and create a whole cornfield … and just like corn seeds they need cultivating and caring for before it’s harvest time.  Give time to growing that relationship – be patient and think longer term

The Slight Edge Strategy #2 Provide Motivation, Inspiration And Leadership

Provide genuine leadership by investing in your own education and inspiring and motivating others.

People want to be lead. Lead them with charisma and with genuine care and they’ll appreciate (and reward) you for it over time.

The Slight Edge Strategy #3  Create Value Content.

Create and /or share value content with others. People will engage with you and look out for your content if it has helped them and one day that very content may be the reason they choose to work with you.  It can be your own content – blogs, videos, audios, social media posts etc or it can be value content from someone you know, like and trust.

Every time people experience that value, they’re going to feel an attraction
to you and what you offer.

The Slight Edge Strategy #4 Be A Person of Influence

Some people want and need you to be the person to take them outside their comfort zone (or even their “uncomfortable zone”)

The right conversation at the right time could be the very one that helps them breakthrough and take them towards responsibility for their own personal growth

You can do this by sharing experiences and stories with them so that they see themselves in the same position that you were and that they too can do what you have done.

It’s not about preaching to people; it’s about holding them accountable to
themselves and what they’re capable of.

They will love (and reward) you for it.

The Slight Edge Strategy #5 Solve A Problem

Whatever you are selling or promoting, make sure it does at leas two of these three things

  • Meet a need
  • Solve a problem
  • Make life easier

Watch out for our next article sharing the 10  actions you can take that will help you maximize the value you can provide as an entrepreneur

Thanks for reading …. and from our presentation and The Slight Edge

“Do the easy things, the simple little things consistently over a period of time for a long enough time to make it work for you”

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