Review of Kalatu

Review of Kalatu

Review of KalatuIn this review of Kalatu we will be covering what exactly Kalatu is and why Kalatu will benefit you.  We’ll also share a little of the vision of the company so you can see how all this comes together with you in mind ….. because let’s be honest you want to know what’s in it for you!

Review of Kalatu

To begin this review of KALATU first of all let’s look at what is it …

Kalatu is the brand new blogging platform of Empower Network

Kalatu is word press based but without all the technology challenges, hassles and costs that come with building and hosting your own word press website.  Things like finding the right theme for your business, what are the best and safest plugins, security and back up for your website, lead capture etc

At the time of writing this review of Kalatu we can’t actually show you behind the scenes because it’s still in development and it’s currently in testing phase – we know this because we are proud alpha testers and know how powerful this platform is going to be for you.

The success of Empower Network was always been it’s blogging platform – it’s what the success of the company was based on ….

When asked recently about Kalatu David Wood said …

“What we have done is we’ve made it attractive, we have made a great product, we have made it something that bloggers are going to want to blog on to…. they can blog about their passions, and then we’re going to help them to profit from that.

We’re going to help them to make money from that. We are going to help them to create a financial result from that

That’s really what our platform is designed to do”

Unfortunately in this review of KALATU right now we’re not able to show you the blogging platform itself because it’s not been released yet.  You’re going to have to trust us as users that this is something you are going to want to get your hands on … sooner rather than later!

Review of Kalatu – Summary

  • Word press based
  • Simple to use
  • Multiple themes to choose from.
  • Installed plugins ready to activate
  • Done for you” template for beginners to copy and paste.
  • Themes for different industries
  • SEO Friendly

10441263_1445185039087826_4561418457502414345_nJonathan Constedt CEO of Empower Network said about Kalatu ..

“….This truly for me is the vision that Dave has passed to us…..  we want to see this industry thrive, and thrive in a way that people can truly enjoy the dream, and why they got into it.

Most of the time in this business, people were sold the dream, but they are living a nightmare.  The business doesn’t have to be that way. We believe that this technology, that we are going to be bringing to market, coupled with the tools and training, is going to be something that’s going to allow more people to begin to dream again. To really reconnect with the core motivation that brought them into this world, and had them bravely say “I want to fly my flag as an entrepreneur and I am ready to go.

And just in case you wondered what the name KALATU means – we’re told it’s from the aboriginal word meaning ‘story telling

That’s what blogging is about – story telling!

As soon as we have more information on Kalatu we’ll be bringing it to you but if you want to be getting yours ahead of the crowd you can do that by taking our existing platform and be the first to get yours ahead of the public

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