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The Point At Which Your Life Will Change

We received an email this morning from our good friend  Andy Shaw of “A Bug Free Mind” and wanted to share it with you because actually there is no better way to say it and he should know – he’s the expert here!

” If there is one place I see success inspired most, it is at seminars.

Being in with the circle of successful people I get to  work and chat with, I always manage to turn the conversation to how they became successful. And guess what? The vast majority of people say their success and their main life’s turning point going from ‘normal’ to  a success occurred… at a seminar! There are some pretty illustrious names, like Andrew Reynolds, Mark Anastasi,  Simon Coulson to name but a few.

So why exactly is that?

Simple, you are placing yourself in the environment designed to create success. You are open to new ideas and opportunities because you are relaxed and have interrupted your pattern. You are not under pressure to produce work or anything, you are just with people who are attempting to change their lives for the better.

This means your mind is free and the constant noise in your head quietens down a fair bit… thus allowing space for your sub-conscious mind to speak to you. However, don’t get your hopes up as this doesn’t happen for everyone. Because most people who attend seminars are desperate for change – which is exactly the wrong way to do it!

That isn’t how to extract value from a seminar or from your subconscious mind. You extract the value by being prepared to… ‘just see what happens’. It is about being
open-minded. You are expecting something, you are just not ‘needing’ it to happen. Expectation without need unleashes the power of your subconscious mind… This is
exactly how to find your success and it is the point at which your life ‘will’ change…

Here’s a tool to use before going to a seminar…

You prepare yourself a few days before the seminar and then every day, especially the days of the seminar, simply by asking the following question to yourself.
When you ask the question you must talk to yourself as if you are speaking to a 4 year old who is your partner in this – forget the age difference, just remember your
partner is a small child…

“We’re going to a seminar next week, this is where I  will learn about alternative directions we can go in life. What we’re looking for is a way to achieve our
dreams and enjoy life more. I don’t know what we will find there and we are just going to look, but I know if  I can help others when I’m there that I’ll be shown the
way forward either there or soon after. If you could help me by looking at ways in which some of the things  we learn may help us and then just let me know what you
thinks right for us then that would be great, thank you  :-)”

Now if you should be going to a seminar you should give this a go. Have no expectation of anything in particular, just that you will benefit somehow, just  KNOW that you will benefit and then relax and see what happens…

Because this is how you create it; this is how you bring about the point at which your life changes.

I’ve just given you the tool which all the now successful people who found their success once used… but they used it without knowing they used it, in fact  they still don’t know they used it. However, you can now use it on purpose.

Don’t expect a seminar to be the answer to your problems. Just KNOW that something good will come out of it, and then see what happens… If you ‘need’ it to happen then you may as well not attend, as you have to  expect something good without needing it”

By Andy Shaw

See you at a seminar soon …..

To find out more about Andy’s life changing books “Using and Creating A Bug Free Mind

PS we have read them and they are definitely going to become the classic of the 21st Century!

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