What To Talk About On Your Blog

You’ve set up your blog website and now you want to start attracting visitors but you have no content on “your blog” and you’re not sure what to write about.

People come to blogs to receive regular updates as well as in-depth coverage of specific topics.  The topics covered should be related to the niche you are working in.  They should be interesting and entertaining and help you to build a relationship with your “fans”.

Here are our top tips to help you get started and we will be talking about “internet marketing” as the niche in this example.

Talk about your own experiences

Talk about your experiences as an internet marketer – maybe you are a “newbie” so talk about your journey in internet marketing.  This will definitely attract other people who are looking to get started. 

Tools you use in your business

Talk about the tools and software you use in your business – show how it is helping you. Why not record a  ‘behind the scenes’ or “how to” video using Jing, Camtasia or Screenflow (for the Mac)

Here’s a video we recorded on how to use Twitter Feed

Books you have read

Share your opinion on books you have read and would recommend.  You can even quote from the book and explain what it meant to you.  Include an image which will also make your blog post look more interesting.

“Why is it that some people make dream after dream come true, while others just continue dreaming and spend their lives building dreams for someone else? One simple reason, those that are “successful” have found their SLIGHT EDGE!”

Reviews of Products or Services

Products that you have bought (or know to be of high quality) that have helped to educate you, automate your business or simply made you money.

You might record a video, write a review and of course have a link to the product so that others can buy it (if you have an affiliate link then should your visitor buy through your recommendation you will get a commission from this)

For example, we use a great resource for turning articles into videos which helps generate additional traffic to your website so we wrote a review with a link to buy the software – the blog post was How to Turn Your Articles into Videos

Articles you have Written

Your blog is a great place to publish articles you have written yourself or articles written by others which you can take excerpts from and comment on (don’t forget the author’s credit please)

Here’s an example of one we published on our blog wayback http://winwithchrisandsusan.com/a-six-figure-business/ note the link back to Ezine Articles where visitors can then see the article in full and view other articles you have written.

Latest industry news

Latest industry news (internet marketing in this example) that may be of interest to them.  Here’s a website we subscribe to for social media updates –  Social Media Examiner

Here’s their latest update on how to improve your blog with images “19 Ways to Use Images to Enhance your Blog

Links Back to Your Own Blogs

If you are commenting on a book or a video you may already have written a blog post about it previously – make sure you refer back to it and link back to that blog post.

For example if we were talking about video marketing we might say here is an article we wrote last month “Using Video for Your Online Business Marketing and hyperlink it to make it easy for the visitor to see it there and then!

Tips and Tactics

Tips and tactics for getting things done .  These can be based on your own experiences or those of others.  If you have found them valuable then others will too.

Here is an example of a blog post we wrote about Seminar Success. This was based on the experience of someone who we know and believed it valuable to share with our blog visitors.

Links to helpful videos

Share videos you have found or produced yourself that may be useful to your niche audience.  YouTube is a huge source of information for sharing.  In the internet marketing niche there are thousands of video from ‘how to‘ to ‘mindset and personal development‘.

Modelling Others

Modelling (copying) what other successful people in your niche do – don’t plagerise but rather leverage on the information – comment and reference.

The most popular blog posts and top stories of some of the best internet marketers and internet resource sites can be found here at http://Alltop.com

Another useful resource is http://thatmlmbeat.com/top-50-mlm-blogs-2010

We hope you found this really useful to get you started – please leave us a comment and share with others

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