Become an internet entrepreneur and stop Britain going bust?

Can anything stop Britain going bust?

This was the headline in Investor Today – scary stuff!

Here’s what they had to say

“The UK will go bust by 2060 because of the financial costs of its ageing population.

Only the introduction of more taxes and spending cuts can prevent this happening.

That is the message from a shock report by the Office for Budget Responsibilty which says that as people live for longer, public finances are likely to head in an “unsustainable upward trajectory”.

For example, the retirement pay for teachers, police and NHS staff alone will cost taxpayers £1100billion (£1.1trillion) as total liability

Publication of the first OBR Fiscal Sustainability Report is designed to give a more accurate picture of UK liabilities that have built up for future generations.

With many other additional costs involved with looking after an ageing population, the future looks grim.”

So what can be done to stop this and would you be prepared to pay much higher taxes to fund the necessary costs?”

Pretty shocking isn’t it?

Do you think there is something that YOU could do to help yourself so that you are not reliant on the Government?  We definitely think so and it is exactly why we made a big change in the way that we structured our income generation and we are not alone in taking the steps that we have.  We are of that “baby boomer” generation who are aware that if we don’t take care of our future right now then things don’t look very bright.

And, according to Richard Branson, the way to escape this situation is to guarantee your own financial security by starting your own business, to become an entrepreneur and best of all to start a business on the internet!

To quote Richard BransonThe Brave may not live forever – but the cautious do not live at all”

Let’s look at how you can do that

Now, the internet allows you to get involved with and run a business around a subject you’re passionate about and make money from it! However,  as with any business, you need to know how to get traffic, how to convert those people into subscribers and then how to sell to them.  It really is as simple as that.  But, like anything you have to learn the HOW

  • How to get traffic
  • How to build relationships with your subscribers and
  • How to make more sales

So, if it were so simple, what stops people for doing it?

Many reasons, but in our experience, these are excuses rather than objections.

Why not start an internet business part time?  The start up costs are relatively small compared with most other types of business such as a franchise.  In fact you could easily get started for under $150 a month which would include the building of your foundations and provision of internent marketing training you absolutely need.

“Get Rich Quick Schemes” are never going to make you rich!.  Having a sustainable business will!

Find out about The Six Figure Mentors and see how this can help you build your passion into a business.

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