Awakening – The Movie

We are passionate about our personal development and can definitely say that “The Secret” made a real difference to our life and our business success -the Law of Attraction is very powerful!  We have always wanted to know more about the universe and how it affects our life and wellbeing and this  journey took us to Lifepath Unlimited where we embarked on a journey of discovery – called 56 Days of Discovery and the        movie “Awakening

Lifepath Awakening

“Awakening” is not just a movie.  It’s a whole new way of being.  It’s where you will discover how you can be, do and have anything and everything you desire.

Awakening” the movie  will open your eyes and unlock the door to personal empowerment.  You will discover the time-tested secrets of success, abundance, prosperity and life-enrichment.  This is the beginning of your journey of self discovery and personal transformation.  You will learn how to align yourself with your passion and uncover your true purpose in life and become everything you can be.

Here is a preview of the movie and we know you are going to love it – it may even lead you to your 56 Days of Discovery just as it did for us ……

Click Here to Watch The Whole Movie

This is part of the Lifepath Discovery Series and is a movie well worth watching.

After you’ve watched it please leave us a comment below.

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