Target Marketing – The Right Message To The Right Person At The Right Time

Target Marketing – The Right Message To The Right Person At The Right Time

target marketing the right message to the right person at the right timeIt’s really important to understand your target market and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.  It’s the most ignored strategy in marketing with most new marketers going for the broadest reach they can never knowing if the message is right for those people.

Just imagine if you will a crowded street (the reason we chose this image) versus the usual image of a target and an arrow!  Not every person in that street is interested in what it is your want to sell whether that be widgets or online education … not every person has a problem that your company or service can solve … not everyone on that street is interested in becoming an entrepreneur yet …… it’s what we assume when we put on our marketing hats

In a recent webinar we shared how it’s possible to improve your marketing effectiveness when you think more carefully about putting the right message to the right person at the right time.

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The Right Message To The Right Person At The Right Time

To be able to market a product or service properly you must first of all get clear on who your idea customer is (target market), where they are hanging out and what their challenges are.  Building a customer avatar or buyer persona will impact virtually every aspect of your marketing.

To help you put the right message to the right person at the right time we’ve got a PDF you can download from an article we wrote – please ask in comments below

This will then allow you to create your perfect client/customer/prospect avatar just filling in the blanks and having seen in the webinar a couple of examples it will definitely help

Let’s get down to business then

Why Target Marketing?

The primary purpose of building leads is to be able to sell them your paid products and services.  To effectively do that, you must DISQUALIFY people who are not interested in your topic or offers

If you try to sell to everyone, you wll sell to no one

Why?  Because the ideal target audience that you should be attracting ends up not being laser targeted by you.  The ones who should be saying “WOW this offer is indeed for me” ends up sayng “I’m not really sure if this is for me“.  You want people who see your marketing to raise their hands.  Just to make the point, you wouldn’t go up to a stranger in the street (that picture again) and ask the to buy your offer would you?  Sadly this is what in effect people are doing when they try and market to “everyone”.

Talking To The Right People At The Right Time

Part two of the webinar we shared how timing is a critical element in your communication and ascension process during the relationship building phase of your campaign (especially email marketing)  Next to knowing your perfect customer, knowing where they are in their buying cycle is also essential from “just researching” to “ready to buy

We talk about the prospect journey in more detail in an article entitled “Why Prospects Don’t Buy Your Stuff” if you want to explore further

Thanks for reading and look forward to welcoming you back to our blog at a future date

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