The Journalist Method Of Content Marketing

The Journalist Method Of Content Marketing

The Journalist Method Of Content MarketingThe Journalist Method Of Content Marketing : We talk about this a lot when we are presenting on Storytelling (our favourite subject and marketing technique) because the biggest hurdle a new marketer has is creating content for their audience.  It was a problem we had too and why we devised what we call “The Journalist Method”

In a way The Journalist Method is not dissimilar to curated content which we have talked about in a previous article just that it has a broader use.  And in the same way as curated content, it enables you to leverage other people’s content and act as the authority or “reporter”

As an example, we recently read an article by one of our favourite influencers in the marketing niche – Michael Hyatt.  It was called “What Extreme Athletes Can Teach Us About Overcoming Our Fears”  You can read it here

In the article, he shares the story of a young girl Samantha Larson who at 12 years of age was preparing to conquer a fear that few adults would face – climbing to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.  By eighteen she had also successfully climbed each of the Seven Summits, ascending to the tallest peak on each continent and, at the time, becoming the youngest person to achieve the feat.

Now in the world of entrepreneurship, marketing or anything really, FEAR is the biggest thing that people need to overcome.  We thought that sharing that story as a reporter using The Journalist Method would make a great email to our subscribers.

Conquering Mountains You can read that email here – its called “Conquering Mountains

….The first time Larson felt real fear was at the bottom of Kilimanjaro, when she and her father (who completed all of the climbs with her) met a gentleman who had gotten sick because of the change in altitude and couldn’t make it to the summit. He warned them that they, too, would probably struggle. But instead of backing out, Larson committed to pressing forward.

It was perfect to use as an example to talk about a universal experience (Fear) and use such a great example and then be able to take the reader on a journey towards the required action (as you can see in the email)

In our book The Mindset Shift, we have a whole section on The “F” Word we could have used but this was so much more powerful and of course interesting to read because it’s storytelling at its best.

The very same process can be used when sharing on social media such as Facebook or Linkedin as wearing the hat of the journalist and leveraging relevant content of influencers is very powerful.  Do make sure to give credit where credit is due though!

Hope you found this marketing tip The Journalist Method useful and look forward to seeing you back here again at a future date.

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