The Perfect Day

The Perfect Day

28471992_1761224097233252_2581503592497811463_nThe Perfect Day : We finally made it … it was a long journey make no mistake but the hours in the air getting to our destinations more than make up for what happens when we arrive … like amazing sunsets and sunrises

We awoke early (jet lag always affects us like that) but the lure of the Pacific Ocean lapping the beach as the sun rose was too much to resist ….

So 6.00 am when most people are waking to an alarm clock we were thinking about our perfect day …

And already creating it

Walking along the beach …. just us and the waves and the sunshine on our backs was just everything

We captured it on video to share with you

Early To Rise

Then breakfast and then masterminding with a group of special people ready to listen to what we had to say …. teaching and training …. doing what we love


First say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do” ~ Epictetus

On the journey from London to Costa Rica (10 1/2 hours as the crow flies) it’s always a great time to settle down with a good book …

Perfect Day Formula Book ImageThis time is was “The Perfect Day” by Craig Ballantyne (highly recommended) …

It’s his formula for how to own the day and control you life

Wow ? this was super informative and there are so many things that we were already doing that he was talking about … but some we were not and we’re going to fix that for sure

As we say in the video … had we not taken that step into the unknown world of online entrepreneurship a few short years ago we would never have been able to create this perfect day

Here’s the 7 steps to create the perfect day

  1. Figure Out what matters … and focus on it
  2. Identify steps to success and rules for your life
  3. Create a checklist for new habits
  4. Prepare the night before
  5. Remove all obstacles
  6. Take massive action
  7. Learn and improve

These are all covered in details in The Perfect Day Formula book

If you’ve never read it and you really want to see success in your life (and/or you business) you should really get a copy

It will open up your eyes to so much more possibility in your life

As Craig Ballantyne says “your life is your personal responsibility…your one-and-only earthly life.  You must do what is right for you

Take the first step here and design your perfect day


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We’re former accountants of a certain age (60+) with 5 great kids and 4 grandchildren. We love skiing and traveling the world and have achieved a fabulous life helping others to start and build a successful business online and now speak on international stages following that passion and helping transform lives. We started an online education and training business helping entrepreneurs in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s create their ultimate retirement breakthrough and find a way to fund their retirement and fulfil their passion and purpose as midlife entrepreneurs.  Our worldwide educational business is centered on online marketing business education, financial literacy and wealth creation and a desire to help you create financial freedom through online entrepreneurship whatever your age or experience.

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