The Perfect Retirement Income

The Perfect Retirement Income

The perfect retirement incomeThis weekend we have been speaking at The Home Business Summit in London …

Sharing our story and why we have chosen to create a home-based business that allows us to share our passion for teaching and training and to travel the world ….

We’re “no spring chickens” as we fondly say (Susan is 59 and I’m 61 at the time of writing) and our problem was that our traditional business (we’re accountants and management consultants) was not going to give us the perfect retirement income nor the lifestyle we wanted because in truth we would have to keep working 60 plus hours a week forever and that would leave us no time to do what we wanted.

What Is The Perfect Retirement Income For You

This is why we want you to ask yourself as you read this post “what is the perfect retirement income for you“.  It doesn’t matter whether you are 20 or 60.  You seriously need to be thinking about this NOW.

The lead trainer at the event shared some startling statistics with us … he talks in dollars because he’s from the USA and his sources relate to the USA population …

If you want to retire at 65 and are willing to settle for $36K for the next 20 years you need $723K in your retirement account

Sadly most people are just not thinking about their retirement and what life is going to be like for them and we’re on a mission to raise awareness of the problem for a huge number of professionals like ourselves who have not got corporate pensions or things have just not worked out the way they expected regards their pension provisions.

The Perfect Retirement Income – The UK

We were reading an article recently in The Telegraph where some statistics were revealed for those of us in the UK … supposedly according to a report commissioned by Barclays  people need £17,500 a year in retirement to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle …

The perfect retirement income according to that report requires a pension pot of £350,000 based on current annuity rates.

The study suggested that the key requirements for a happy lifestyle in retirement are to be debt-free, run a car and enjoy a two-week holiday abroad each year …. and £17,500 would provide that!

We’re not entirely sure where they will be taking their holidays …..

We are not joking …. read the article here

We reiterate what was said by Jonathan Parker of Barclays

It is vitally important people fully understand what their financial situation will look like in later life and what they have to do now to ensure they are able to achieve a standard of living they want for retirement

Now our solution may not be the best solution for you but if you don’t start thinking about it you could find time has caught up with you and you have no choice …

We recently highlighted this in an article “I want to Retire

We show people how they can produce their perfect retirement income by leveraging the internet and becoming an entrepreneur (business owner) thus able to not just create long time wealth and prosperity but also be able to protect that wealth long term.

We’re not here to sell you on that proposition ….

We’re just here to make you think about how you go about creating your perfect retirement income because personally speaking £17,500 a year isn’t going to give us our perfect retirement lifestyle – we’ve got big dreams and goals and travel to far away places features high on our list of priorities as well as our philanthropic goals.

Who Are We

We’re former accountants of a certain age with 5 great kids and 3 grandchildren. We love skiing and traveling the world and have achieved a fabulous life helping others to start and build a successful 6 figure business online and now speak on international stages following that passion.  Our business is centered on online marketing education and wealth creation and a desire to help you create financial freedom online through entrepreneurship whatever your age or experience.

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