The Power of Video Communication

The Power of Video Communicaton

Today, we have so many ways to communicate and the world is moving at such a fast pace.

Just this weekend, we’ve  spent three day learning the “power of video“and according to statistics, 90% of all internet traffic will be video by 2013!

Video as a means of communication is hugely powerful especially if you have an important message to convey.

We would like to share with you today – of one of the greatest speeches of all time – and take time to reflect on the message as 2011 draws to an end as Christmas approaches.

This video has been watch just under 3 million times around the world and features the voice of the world’s greatest comedians – Charlie Chaplain


What does this video mean to you?

We would love to know.  Please share this message round the world using the easy to share tools at the bottom of this post.

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