Online Video Marketing Matters

Online Video Marketing Matters OK!

If you want to build your online business then you really need to start using video.

Why is that?  Because we discovered a startling statistic the other day which
brought the significance of video home to us – that’s why we are sharing it here.

That statistic was that… 90% of all internet traffic will be video by 2013!

Online Video Marketing We have been using video since 2005 when we first discovered video email and have never looked back since.  Video is just the best way to build relationships and where your prospects and buyers can get to know you for real (you can’t hide when you’re using video)

It was the reason that we use video when we run our ‘webinars’ …… in fact we call them webshows  – it’s great to run webinars with slides but seeing you and the slides is even better.  If you haven’t seen one of our webshows yet then all you need to do is get your personal invitation and join us on a Tuesday night at 8.00 p.m.

Get Your Invitation Here

We invest into our education so that we can be the best we can be and really looking forward to joining Tom Breeze and Andy Frain on their 3 day workshop in London this week.  Tom has already made a huge difference to our video marketing with his great tips and stategies.

What excites us is what they are promising:-

“Tom and Andy will teach all the strategies you need to get your videos on the first page of Google and YouTube. In fact they don’t JUST teach it. They GUARANTEE your videos
will get first page rankings for your chosen KEYWORD”

If you want to join us and get ahead of the crowd with your video marketing then you can get on their private webinar where they will share with you some exclusive tips that will help you to excel at video marketing.

Join Tom and Andy Tonight

If you are just getting started and taking it slow then you might like to read an earlier blog post that we wrote with some great tips to help you.

Video Marketing – Getting Started

Tom-Breeze-Image-300x203We look forward to seeing you on a future webshow and if you want to see the show where Tom joined us live earlier this year then just register for your personal invitation and send us an email so we can send you the link – all our details are on our Get in Touch Page

“If you believe that business is about building relationships, then make building them your business” – Scott Stratten

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