Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter Marketing Tips a System and a Strategy

The first thing you need is a system and a strategy for your Twitter Marketing. You have to first ask you self what you are hoping to achieve by using Twitter in your business – is it promoting new products, finding targeted prospects or keeping in touch with your customers. You need to know this to be successful because without knowing who your “tweets” are aimed at you can’t create targeted messages.

Customise Your Profile your profile and make sure that your “bio” is complete so that you stand out from the crowd (use your keywords you want to be found for). You want people who visit your profile to get a good idea of who you are and what you stand for and ensure that your site is attractive and representative of YOU.  Have a good photo that is also the same as you use on other social media so your brand carries through.  Stand out by having a background that reflects your brand and that is not the standard Twitter Theme.  Even better make sure that it reflects the same image as your website. Your Content Count on Twitter

With short little bursts of content and links, you make it easy for people to see your product and services , and share it with their followers. The fact that you only have 140 characters makes this very effective once you get the hang of it.

If you want to share your articles and blog content then you do this by getting a “shortlink” using a service such as and that links your Twitter reader back to your blog or wherever you want them to read your published content.

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Please don’t “SHOUT” your message but rather “SHARE” …. it’s far more effective

Twitter isn’t hard to use for marketing.  Using the platform to your advantage is like anything else – practice and testing and as you get more proficient and learn more you will get more traffic.

Give Your New Followers a Gift

If you send each of your new followers a gift (this can be automated using a service such as socialoomph) then you will immediately show that you value them.  Make sure it is something that will help them i.e. appropriate in the niche you are operating in.  It is a great conversation opener With Your Followers

With short bursts of conversation, content and links it becomes easy for people to see your product and share it with followers. The key here is to make sure that your posts are fresh and frequent so it is always on the mind of your Twitter followers. The more that you give them that they enjoy the more likely it is that your posts will be shared with their followers and “re-tweeted” and your content is always on their mind. It also shows that you are a real person.

Make sure you know your followers and if they start a conversation with you send them somewhere you can answer their questions such as your Facebook page or your website or if it requires a personal and private response then give them your email address and ask them for theirs.

Use a service such as Hootsuite to monitor conversations – it’s free and can be used on your computer and on mobile devices.

HootsuiteIf someone talks about your product make sure that you take the time to say “thank you” publicly as it shows that you value their opinions 🙂

Make sure that you keep your website/blog up to date with content and good headlines. Tweet your own content and use different headlines as one headline might appeal more than another and give you a better click-through. Keep your opening sentence or tip interesting so the reader is enticed to read further (back to your blog post)

Become an authority in your niche by providing and sharing valuable information with your community. This may be your own content or content from someone you respect and follow in your niche.

Try and adopt a ‘persona’ on Twitter that your followers will recognise. It might be as simple as ending your tweet with a few words that are your “by-line”

Twitter can be seen as one of the best ways to market your products and at the same time build a strong relationship with your subscribers. Once you get this right it will lead to more contacts, more traffic and more sales – all from using TWITTER.

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