Search Engine Optimisation – How To Get Started

Search Engine Optimisation

We all know that we need to learn the basics of search engine optimisation  if we are to get our rankings but for most people getting started it is a complete mystery – we know because we’ve been there!

search engine optimisation

Firstly,  you buy your domain for your authority site e.g. e.g. or a market focused domain .  Then you install wordpress but what next?  What are the SEO secrets that will help you to get started and move ahead?

We are not Search Engine Optimisation experts so we went out to find someone who could help you with getting the basics right and last night we had Adil Amarsi as our special guest on ChrisandSusan.TV (our weekly webshow for Internet Entrepreneurs)

ChrisandSusan.TV with Guest Adil AmarsiAdil spent more than an hour sharing some really valuable information to help beginners to get started and he stayed on way over time to answer all the questions being asked 🙂

As Adil went through the basics it made us realise how much we had learnt over the years …… but also realised how much more there is to learn.

What we liked particularly was the advice “say away from ‘black hat‘ stuff” – we couldn’t agree more!

The main focus was getting started with SEO so here are just a few of the “tips” he shared last night (focus on authority site and blogging) :-

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Getting Started Tips

  • Before you begin you need to know your market so key word research is essential
  • Use phrases such as “how to”,  “learn to”, “learn how to”,  “learn” etc
  • Choose the right market “sell where people are buying” e.g. Internet Marketing would be the niche, SEO might be the sub niche and authority blogging the subject
  • Make sure the product you are promoting or reviewing is good – your brand and reputation depend on it
  • Set up your blog with basic plugin’s and services to help your “findability

Search Engine Optimisation Plugins

There are some 16,000 plugins for wordpress – some good, some not so good – always do your due diligence and check the reviews on them – you don’t need to use hundreds.  Here are a few that Adil recommends and some of which we also use:-

  • All in One SEO or SEO Platinum
  • Akismet
  • SEO Friendly Images
  • Easy Privacy Policy
  • Contact Form 7
  • TinyMCE Advanced
  • WordPress Backup
  • Pretty Link Lite
  • Duplicate-Post
  • Google XML SiteMap Generator
  • Google Analytics

Themes (for Search Engine Optimisation)

Choose your theme carefully – we now have a customised theme for our ‘authority site’ but we started out with Thesis and still use this for some of our other sites

Video for Search Engine Optimisation

Use video on your blog – video has 70% higher conversion than text on your blog – we wrote an article getting started with video marketing.  Video gives you great content and authority on your blog.

Content is King for Search Engine Optimisation

Loved what Adil said last night “Content is King, Emperor and Dictator

  • Make sure that what you write about is relevant, personal and in your niche!  We recently wrote an article on just this subject on Ezine Articles
  • Post 3-5 articles (posts)  a week

If you would like to watch Adil’s webshow recording on Search Engine Optimisation – just register at ChrisandSusan.TV and you will have full access to the recording and the resources he shared.

PS One tool we absolutely recommend that you use (and Adil also recommended) is      SEO Pressor – you can check it out here

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