The Power Of Live Events

The Power Of Live Events

the power of live eventsWe are huge fans of live events and we can say without any doubt whatsoever that they have been the #one contributory factor to our entrepreneurial success.

If we look back over just the past 5 years we have probably invested well over $250,000 in attending events and as a result can say the power of live events has transformed our business.  In fact  just a few days ago we got back from an event in Mexico where we have been masterminding for 11 days and creating our personally branded sales funnel.

If you talk to any of the most successful entrepreneurs and especially those in the online business world they will tell you the same.  In fact this article today is inspired by Jeff Walker who agrees with us saying

“Real, lasting success in business (or in life) doesn’t come overnight … events have been responsible either directly or indirectly for more than 95% of the business I’ve ever done over the years”

He talks about this more in this video and shares his thoughts on the power of live events

The Power Of Live Events – Jeff Walker

We have learned new skills, met incredible people and helped teach and train thousands of people at live events.  Some of those relationships we have forged have lead to lifelong friendships and business partnerships that would never have happened in any other way.

If you have been following our travels during 2015 you will definitely have heard us talk about events – either those we have attended for our own education, those we have spoken at or those we have run ourselves.

During our time in Mexico we recorded a video or shared some content every day teaching something we had learned and you can watch them all here on this page at your leisure.

If you ever decide to work with us you can be sure you will be encouraged to go to a live event because it’s the sure fire way to find success.

In fact at a recent event in London Matt Lloyd (Founder of MOBE – My  Online Business Education) asked the audience how our personal business partners had met us.   100% said through a live event.

The power of live events pretty much speaks for itself we would say.

As promised above here are the videos we recorded in Mexico for you to bookmark and watch at your leisure

Mexico Diamond Mastermind Videos

Chris and Susan Beesley Diamond Mastermind MexicoThe  Three Keys To Success Online

Getting The Fundamentals Right

Things Don’t Always Turn Out As You Expect

This Video Will Save You An Entire Year

Plan To Do The Simple Things

The First 90 Days Will Be The Hardest

Build Your Audience & Your Authority

How To Make Change Happen

The ADKAR Formula

Photo Album : Cancun Diamond Mastermind

We guess that our experience in building our business through attending events speaks for itself and for us it now combines a love of travel, a passion for teaching and training and of course an online business we can take with us wherever we go.

With thanks to Jeff Walker for the inspiration of this article and for the video 🙂

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