The Rolling Stones Retirement Plan

The Rolling Stones Retirement Plan

The Rolling Stones Retirement PlanIt’s funny how when you focus on something specific like “retirement” everything you see is about retirement.

It’s how we came to be reading about “The Rolling Stones Retirement Plan” and watching a video (you can see that too) on one of our highly respected industry friends Jeff Walker’s (we’ve shared Jeff’s story on our blog before – Just Another Mouse Click) blog.

It’s a bit like when you decide on buying a car – choose a particular make and colour and suddenly all you see is that model and that colour everywhere you look! We know because it happened to us recently.

Listening to Jeff Walker talking about the Rolling Stones Retirement plan on his video bought back a lot of memories for us being we are of that certain age and grew up on the music of the Rolling Stones when they were mere youngsters themselves ….. albeit very successful musicians.  Going to concerts and listening to their music on pirate radio and of course seeing them on Top of The Pops (guess we are showing our age here)

As Jeff says, The Rolling Stones are now in their 70’s and have been together as a band for over 50 years …. concerts these days are certainly a lot different to our days!

We want you to listen carefully to what Jeff Walker has to say in the video and why he will be talking a lot more about the Rolling Stones retirement plan (as will we)

The great thing is that he’s a youngster just like us so we totally get it!

The Rolling Stones Retirement Plan

We particularly like that way that Jeff answers his critics and how he talks about The Rolling Stones having fun on stage and thinking about why they do it still when they have more money than they can ever want and they’re in their 70’s

It’s a bit like us really and Jeff’s answer was very similar to ours (although we are by no means in his league)   We do it because we believe in what we do and we know that we help people.

When we are on stage we have fun teaching and training.

When we write a blog post like this we’re bringing knowledge and wisdom to our audience.

Jeff talks about it being art. He says that ‘Performing’ is their art.  They keep on doing it because they enjoy it.  That’s why they get up on stage – it’s not just about the millions of dollars they have and what they make each time they put on a concert.  As much as anything they just want to be on stage performing

Just like Jeff Walker says “could teaching entrepreneurs be art?“.  We think so.  Just like he says – it’s his art and he loves it.  It’s our art and we love it too.  This business affords us a great lifestyle and makes us a good income which is why we love it but we also get to make an impact too.  We’re able to help other people build a business and that means we are creating a legacy.

“The world wants to pay people who are performing their art in whatever it is, whether it’s poetry or music, or athletics, or it’s on stage, or it’s creating an information product, or wisdom product and sharing that and teaching people …

Teaching people how to build their businesses and to share whatever wisdom we have gained, and share it with our audience – that’s why we we’re here ”  Jeff Walker

Jeff asked himself the question about will he still be doing what he’s doing in his 70’s and he doesn’t know the answer yet

Will we still be doing what we’re doing well into our 70’s?

Probably because we love what we do and like the Rolling Stones we have a lot of fun travelling the world teaching and training and there’s is nothing more that we want to do.

We have the best of both worlds with what we are now going to call “The Rolling Stones Retirement Plan” just like Jeff Walker

That’s all we want to do – be helping people build their business and become entrepreneurs and take their wisdom and share it with the world

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the rolling stones retirement plan Jeff 🙂

If you’re a fan of the rolling stones they’ve got some ‘fun’ videos on their official website proving that even in their 70’s they really are still enjoying life doing what they love.

Here’s the blog where Jeff Walker talks about his backstage tour at The Rolling Stones Concert in Dallas this year

What’s the point of life if you don’t live it?

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