The Science of Being Great

The Science of Being Great


The Science of Being Great  Chris and Susan Beesley


We just read a Facebook post from the Founder of Empower Network and wanted to share it with you …. some people think that all this talk of the universe, belief and intentions is just made up.  Honestly though, if we go back in time we would probably have agreed with you but that has all changed forever.

Actually, some people think Dave Wood is from another universe even but that’s another story altogether.

Here’s what happened when we really got to experience this ….. back in September 2012 when we were in San Diego we were asked to test out our belief system by setting our intentions for what we would be doing 90 days later – specifically with our Empower.  We did just that – our intentions would be to get to Austin Texas and to be with the top earners in the company and to walk across stage celebrating our success.   Did we do it?  Yes we did ….. and more.  We got invited to fly out early and to attend the leaders mastermind do some really cool stuff – like go the concert at Austin City Limits to see Keane live.

All it took was belief that we could do what it took, setting the intention to do it and then 100% focus on what it would take to do it.

Here’s what Dave said (this was just after the concert) that explains the greatness in every one of you.

I had one of the most interesting conversations tonight that I’ve had in the last 3 years.

I’ve noticed more and more over the last 10 years in my life, and especially the last year, how beliefs and intentions don’t just seem to change how I interact with the world around me…

…they seem to actually alter the world, from the inside out, and everything and everyone around me.

I’ve seen some of the most unbelievable changes that I’ve ever heard about in people.

I’ve stood next to people, watched as they formed a new belief, and seen the entire way that they think shift in literally one moment.

I’ve seen a guy almost drown, come up out of the water, and the entire energy in his marketing shifted literally in one moment, he didn’t come out alive, he came out seemingly born again, the same man with a transformed power – and it changed in the physical universe with a multiplication in his income by ten times – in literally one month.

I’ve seen a guy afraid of public speaking turn into one of the most powerful speakers I’ve ever seen, and been fascinated by looking into their eyes, as they forgot why they once had fear in their heart.

I’m fascinated, in awe – and a bit perplexed – by the beautiful creation that is you.

I love you. Thank you for being who you are.

The universe gets more magical every day that I’m alive.

~ Dave Wood  Co Founder Empower Network

One of the books that really changed our thinking was “The Science of Being Great” by Wallace D Wattles.  The Science of Being Great is the second book of Wattles’ triology. In this volume he argues that the power of thought and positive self-esteem is the only true measure of a person’s greatness.

The Science of Being Great – Wallace Wattles

We hope you enjoyed this audio and you now understand the greatness in you and what is possible if you really and truly believe in yourself.  When you do magic happens.

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The Science of Being Great

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