Your Beginning – Napoleon Hill

Your Beginning – Napoleon Hill

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We’re in Austin Texas as we write this blog post and reflecting on some of the great speakers we have heard from and the stories that have been shared …… truly inspirational and motivating stories that prove every single person has an equal chance in life.

Successful people were not born great – they created success from the actions they took and the opportunities they saw.  Yesterday we wrote about your greatness – you should read it and listen to the audio – The Science of Being Great by Wallace D Wattles.

The people who have had huge success all started at the same place – the beginning!  They created their own destiny and their own success.  It didn’t just happen all by itself.

We don’t know about you but when we go to conferences and events and see amazing people walk up on stage and share their success stories it is too easy to say “that could never be me“.  Here’s the thing …. it actually could be you.  But …… and its a big one – you have to convert that dream into reality by taking control of your life for yourself.  You need to believe in yourself and in what you can do.

One of the greatestauthors and influencers of all time was Napoleon Hill (Think And Grow Rich)  Here’s something he said which we hope will inspire you to create your own beginning …..

Your Beginning ~ Napoleon Hill

You will come to the point, sooner or later, at which you will want to do something bigger and better than you have ever done before. When you do, you are going to be discouraged by those around you who know you best, and who will say the plan you have is foolish or beyond your power to carry out. You will find more people willing to tear you down by discouragement than you will find sympathizing with you and helping you to build your ego. The best way to avoid such discouragement is to confide only in those who have a genuine sympathy with your cause and an understanding of your possibilities. Otherwise, keep your plans to yourself and let your actions speak. Adopt the motto Deeds—Not Words. It is a good motto for everyone.

It may not be in the best taste for you to overestimate your abilities, but it is better than to underestimate, and it will do less harm. If you aim at a very big achievement and attain only a moderate achievement, you will still have attained something. If you allow yourself to be held back before you even begin, you will have sold yourself short and will attain nothing.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and that you took some nugget of inspiration from it that will change your life …. It’s all down to you now to create Your Beginning.  Now TODAY!

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Your Beginning – Napoleon Hill

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