The Secret of Luck

The Secret of Luck

The Secret Of LuckJust a few days ago we were  sitting on the beach in Curacao in the Caribbean and talking with a well known motivational speaker and entrepreneur and sharing with him the story of a program aired in the UK called “The Secret of Luck

Whilst it was an ‘experiment’ devised by the illusionist Derren Brown it was done for a very specific purpose and to pose the question ….

Why do some people lead lucky lives and others experience constant misfortune? What is this mysterious force and can it be harnessed?

We talk  about The Secret of Luck from the beach in Curacao and share that story and what actually happened

The Secret of Luck From Curacao


Derren  said he made the show to test his theory that people who consider themselves lucky seize more opportunities and create good fortune for themselves than those who consider themselves unlucky.

The story culminated in one resident – butcher Wayne Stansfield – putting his life savings on the roll of a dice and winning £5,000 when he was picked from the audience.

Was it luck or was it opportunity?

We’ll leave you to make up your own mind ….

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