How To Become A Celebrity In Your Niche

How To Become A Celebrity In Your Niche

How To Become A Celebrity In Your NicheHow to Become a Celebrity in your niche” …

Wait we don’t mean a famous actor or musician.  We mean YOU.  To become famous celebrities pay thousands of dollars for branding so that they get noticed and get those lucrative gigs and advertising deals.

For you as an entrepreneur it’s a slightly different story but it’s something you can and should do if you are looking to stand out in your niche and get all that lucrative business.

Let’s explore the principles to get you standing out from the rest and becoming the celebrity in your niche.  It’s not easy to be different in a crowded market because it’s just too noisy … but you can be special in the mind of an individual.

Being different isn’t about how you show up in your market – it’s about how you show up in the mind of an individual.

Now to work on how to become a celebrity in your niche and don’t panic because it’s all possible ….

We were reading an email by Daniel Priestly (Key Person of Influence fame) just the other day (and the reason for this blog post)

He was actually our first mentor and got us off to a great start with our branding and how to leverage social media and we’re forever grateful for that – it’s given us more than 7 hours of content on the internet and across social media.

“Research says it takes 7 hours of attention for a person to really see you as special or unique and to form a bond.

They could read your book, your articles, or watch your videos online. They could attend a live event or listen to a podcast you’ve created. If it adds up to 7 hours of exposure, a person will start seeing you as “special” and they will begin to bond with you”

If you don’t have 7 hours of content available … you’re not even in the game.

The question to ask yourself right now is “do you have a total of 7 hours of content available to find?” If the answer is “no” then you have no ability to be seen as special other than for those people you can meet personally and this needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

You get a clear message that is seen across the 7 hours of digital content and you get seen as the celebrity by and bond with more people.  Trusted by more people.  This will get you more customers and you will ultimately make more money.

How to Become a Celebrity in Your Niche?

Get out there and start creating your 7 hours of content across the internet and on social media with a congruent message – blogs, videos, articles, social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc) .  If you are not sure exactly what your message is or who your market is then take time to get clear on that too.

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